Kevin Bacon Sides With Eggs [Video]

Kevin Bacon

Kevin Bacon sides with eggs, and is proving it by participating in an ad campaign as the spokesman for the egg farmers of America. A series of ads starring actor Kevin Bacon promoting the incredible, edible egg have been created and Bacon will be promoting the great taste and nutritional benefits of eggs in the ads.

One quite humorous ad made for the American Egg Board, in which Kevin Bacon suddenly appears on a counter top behind a woman cooking eggs, can be seen below. Kevin Bacon claims that he does not like puns people make about his name in the video, but as bacon is a traditional side that goes with eggs, it was only a matter of time before the inevitable happened, and Kevin Bacon landed a gig promoting eggs.

As Kevin Bacon states in the video, “Nobody knows eggs better than Bacon.”

Though the USDA reports that egg consumption over the last five years by Americans has increased by over a dozen per person, good news for American egg farmers, they felt that a lot more could be done to promote eggs and fuel sales. Getting Kevin Bacon to agree to be the spokesman for eggs and using a humorous approach to increase public awareness of the nutritional value of the protein-packed delights might help push sales of eggs to American consumers even higher.

According to Kevin Burkum, senior vice president of marketing at the American Egg Board, egg industry insiders believe that they are just entering into a period that might mark a time when the popularity and sales of eggs will be at their highest point “in decades.” A large part of the optimism is due to the news released last month by a government advisory panel that found that there is not a significant relationship between heart disease and dietary cholesterol.

Ever since 2012, Kevin Bacon has been featured in commercials in the U.K., not for eggs but for the wireless carrier EE. The ads for the Internet carrier make reference to the popular game with the actor’s name in it, Six Degrees of Kevin Bacon. The game is based on the premise that there are only only six degrees of separation between anyone in the world and the Footloose star, Kevin Bacon.

In the ad Kevin Bacon is featured in below, the actor surprises a woman cooking eggs in her kitchen. There is a definite seductive quality in the conversation that they have. The woman leans in close to Kevin Bacon as he is eating a plate of scrambled eggs that she has cooked, saying that she “loves the smell of bacon.”

One funny part is when the woman’s husband comes into the kitchen and wonders what is going on. He is on his way to work. His wife asks him to pick on some more “oil” before he come home at the end of the day. The ad campaign is called “Wake Up To Eggs With Bacon.” The new ads are an update to the “Wake Up To Eggs” campaign that was created by the ad agency Grey in 2012.

The American Egg Board will use actor Kevin Bacon in print ads as well as the series of online ads that have already started to show up on the Internet. It is the first time that the egg industry has used a Hollywood actor to promote eggs, which had become equated in the minds of many Americans as being “cholesterol bombs.”

In 2014, according to the U.S. Department of Agriculture, the average American consumed 259.8 eggs during the year. Though that is higher than the amount consumed by the average American in 2010, of 249.3 eggs per year, it is still much lower than the 300 eggs per year that Americans consumed during the 1970s.

With a big-name actor like Kevin Bacon siding with eggs, the future is looking, well, not maybe rosy, but more of a golden yellow. The move by many Americans away from a carb-filled breakfast of consuming cereal to one that is made up of more protein is one factor towards the increase in egg consumption by Americans. The news that there is not a significant link between dietary cholesterol and heart disease will likely also help boost sales of eggs. Kevin Bacon lending his acting talents to the American Egg Board “Wake Up To Eggs With Bacon” ad campaign just might be what is needed to put the sexy back into America’s love affair with eggs.

Written By Douglas Cobb

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