Lacey Spears Convicted in Poisoning of Her Son With Salt


A mother by the name of Lacey Spears was convicted today on charges she had been poisoning her son with salt that ultimately resulted in his death. Lacey Spears, 27, was charged with second-degree depraved murder of her five year old son, Garnett, who had been hospitalized numerous times due to toxic levels of sodium. After being admitted to Nyack Hospital for seizures in New York, the boy was later transferred to Westchester County Medical Center where he died on Jan. 23, 2014.

ABC News reported Westchester District Attorney, Janet DiFiore had stated Spears’ son underwent various unnecessary medical treatments throughout most of his life, all because his mother was torturing him with lethal doses of salt. CBS Local in New York reported that Spears was able to sicken her son through a feeding tube leftover in his abdomen from infancy.

CBS Local in New York also reported that jurors were able to see a video showing Spears head into a hospital bathroom with her son and a connector tube before the boy showed signs of suffering thereafter. Also, there was a bag used for feeding that was found in Spears’ apartment which reportedly contained around 70 packets of salt from McDonalds.

Spears may have also told a friend to go to her apartment and get rid of the bag containing the salt packets, according to the report by CBS Local. Her friend testified against her stating Spears had made the request, and then told her to “not tell anybody.”

Lacey Spears was convicted in the poisoning of her son with salt, and her arraignment will be held on April 8 after prosecutors stated she may have done it for attention. Spears was known for posting numerous updates of her son’s health on social media outlets. She may have been suffering from Münchausen syndrome in which a caretaker harms a child for attention, as was originally reported earlier by Guardian Liberty Voice.

Spears is originally from Kentucky, but has lived in Alabama and Florida before moving to New York state. ABC News stated Spears had surrendered herself to police five months after her son’s death, but had pleaded not guilty to the crime.

The New York Post indicated Spears also had a personal blog where she wrote on her son’s conditions. She reportedly had mentioned different kinds of health problems which had prevented Garnett from eating properly and gaining weight. The boy may have had to undergo around 23 hospitals visits prior to turning one year old.

Lacey Spears was convicted with second-degree murder in the poisoning of her son with salt and may face anywhere from 25 years to life in prison. According to CBS Local in New York, DiFiore had stated she will ask the jury for a life sentence. Stephen Riebling, who is Spears’ lawyer, had said he planned to appeal the verdict, citing the hospital is to blame for Garnett’s death, and that it is still a mystery to the overall cause of the boy’s death.

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By Liz Pimentel

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