Nicholas Brendon, From Slayer Sidekick to Hotel Crasher


Nicholas Brendon, the 43 year old actor who was once a sidekick on Buffy The Vampire Slayer, has recently become known more for being a hotel crasher than his creative endeavors. Arrested late Friday night after he, himself, called the police claiming his wallet and phone had been stolen. Three different hotels in two states, Idaho and Florida, have allegedly been the recipients of property damage and this is the third time in five months he has been arrested for similar charges.

In Tallahassee, Florida, Friday night, Brendon’s self-described personal demons once again took hold of the actor. Hours before Brendon called the local police, hotel guests told the front desk that the actor was asleep on the floor in front of one of his rooms. He had also tried to enter another guest’s room before being escorted out. The hotel’s managers told police on scene that the Buffy alum was seen drinking alcohol and taking pills throughout the day. He had been given a room on a lower floor, but the actor asked for an upgrade due to being famous and the hotel met his request. It was the original, “sub par” room that Brendon was found sleeping by.

After finding Brendon in the hotel’s bar, officers asked if he had placed a call to the police in regards to the missing wallet and phone, to which the actor said yes. After following Brendon to his lower level room and entering, the first thing the officer saw was the actor’s wallet sitting on a desk. The second observation the officer made in his report was that, “Mr. Brendon was observed to have toothpaste smeared on himself, his pants were torn and he had defecated on himself.” Apart from the actor’s appearance, the officer noticed a prescription bottle that had been filled earlier in the day for 10 sleeping pills. Brendon, now slayer sidekick and hotel crasher, had only one pill in the bottle.

Brendon then led police to his upper level room, to find damage done similar to that which had transpired in hotel rooms in months past. The carpet and bathroom floor were soaked, porcelain had been shattered, the bed had been flipped over and other damages could be observed. After his release from jail Saturday morning, Brendon gave an interview to a reporter from the local newspaper. In it he said he had been in a “blackout” after taking too many sleeping pills. Also, Brendon admitted that he had stopped taking his medication for emotional issues a while back and will be seeking help to deal with those issues and a chemical dependency problem.

In October of last year, Brendon was arrested a week after he married girlfriend, Moonda Tee, when he was staying at a hotel in Idaho. While there, he, allegedly, damaged hotel property and resisted arrest. Later he admitted to having emotional problems as well as a chemical dependency issue. In February, he and his wife of four months ended their marriage, which apparently sent Brendon into a downward spiral. Only days after the official announcement of the split from his wife, he was arrested in Ft. Lauderdale, Florida on charges of grand theft and criminal mischief. Allegedly, he’d caused quite a bit of damage to his hotel room and then left without paying the bill.

In addition to the damage caused in various hotel rooms over the past several months, Brendon’s career has suffered as well as and at all three of these incidents, the former Buffy sidekick turned alleged hotel crasher, was in town for fan conventions similar to Comic Con. With three separate court cases involving similar charges coming up for Brendon, the future may seem somewhat bleak. His first appearance on the Tallahassee charges is set for March 30 2015.

By Benjamin Johnson



E News

The Tallahassee Democrat

Photo by Heather Paul – Flickr License

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