Nick Gordon Talks Exclusively With Dr. Phil About Bobbi Kristina

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Bobbi Kristina’s significant other, Nick Gordon, has avoided speaking about what led to the only daughter of Bobby Brown and Whitney Houston being found face down in a bathtub. Nick is under investigation for criminal foul play and has refused to speak again with law enforcement. According to recent reports, Nick is now ready to talk, but only to Dr. Phil.

Bobbi Kristina has been unconscious since she was found on January 31. The up and coming singer turned 22-years-old on March 4; this is the first birthday that was not shared with Nick in over a decade. Reports state Bobbi Kris had been abusing drugs for several years and recently heightened her drug usage as the anniversary of her mother’s death approached.

The Brown and Houston families have remained by Bobbi’s side since her demise and have denied Nick access. He believes he can save his girl and has made several public pleas to be allowed into her room. Nick stated:

If she hears my voice, she will wake up!

There remains an active criminal investigation against Nick which centers on possible foul play due to injuries found on Bobbi Kris. According to multiple sources, the couple had a history of violence and domestic abuse. Law enforcement is looking into the possibility of an altercation occurring prior to her lifeless body being found submerged in water. A friend named Max Lomas found Bobbi Kristina and screamed for Nick, who after performing CPR allegedly cleaned up the home and removed any blood stains.

Reports state the young actress recently suffered seizures after her doctors reduced her coma medication. Since this tragic event with Bobbi Kristina, Nick has been in the news. It seems the young man is finally ready to open up in a public discourse with the man who is no stranger to dealing with such matters. Reportedly, Dr. Phil has already flown to meet Nick in Atlanta. The two plan to talk on air about the events which led up to Bobbi’s calamity.

Nick’s recent tweets have the world watching to see what he will do next. Some of his social media activity has suggested there is reason to suspect he is dealing with thoughts of suicide while others were simply to wish his girlfriend a happy 22nd birthday. He tweeted:

Happy Birthday baby I wish I was there with you to hold you and be by your side. I am so hurt I want to do myself in, I know I have to be strong.

Whether he is contemplating suicide or not, Nick needs to hear the voice of reason from a seasoned specialist. Many have said in response to the implied upcoming interview that Dr. Phil is the man for the job. Nick has “lawyered” up since he became a suspect for law enforcement and will undoubtedly be guided on the particulars he should share.  Investigators will be watching closing in order to identify any inconsistencies in Nick’s story. Anything he says during the interview can be used against him if he should have to appear in court on the matter.

Meanwhile, Bobbi Kristina remains in a comatose state as Nick makes plans for an open discussion about the events surrounding the horrible incident. Stay tuned to see if the interview comes to fruition because Nick could change his mind at any time. As it stands, Nick Gordon will only share his exclusive conversation with Dr. Phil. The date has not been released but there is no doubt TV promos will do their diligence to publicize the event.

by Cherese Jackson (Virginia)


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