Positive Singles Releases New iOS App With Notable Features

Positive SinglesPositive Singles is the largest STD dating and community website. The site which was established in 2001 has announced the launch of its new and improved iOS app. The app comes with an array of features which allow users the opportunity to search for other STD singles within the area, gain STD dating advice and chat with others or a live counselor.

The site has over 850,000 members worldwide within its community making PositiveSingles.com the largest and most interactive STD dating site. This community has proven to be one of the great platforms of those in search of answers after their initial diagnosis. When people first learn they have contracted an STD their self-esteem immediately takes a hit, even if their symptoms are manageable. Positive Singles gives those in need the courage to live on and pursue happiness despite their diagnosis.

This is what makes the new app so appealing and exciting. Smartphones and tablets have shifted the way people learn new information and communicate. Soon, if not already, mobile internet users will outnumber PC users and it is important for Positive Singles to be at the forefront of what the future looks like. Online dating is quickly becoming the option of choice for many singles and Positive Singles is releasing their new app to support this increased trend.

The site is not just for dating as people have witnessed too often on similar sites. It contains an amazing pool of information that Positive Singles wants users to have in the palm of their hands. This platform allows users to the freedom of a non-judgmental environment where they can find friends, support, advice and love.

This community of STD users are encouraged to notify all partners of their diagnosis before putting them at risk. Positive Singles is not silent on the importance of healthy and effective communication such as how and when to share the necessary information with a partner. Simply stated, PositiveSingles.com seeks to eliminate the shame associated with an STD. The new app will allow users full leverage of the website without the need of a full computer.

The new app comes with many great features just as one would find on the actual PositiveSingles.com website. Some of the features that make this app secure and exciting are as follows:

Pattern Lock – After users register for the mobile app they will immediately be taken to the pattern lock configuration interface. This is a common security mode used by many smartphone users who seek to protect the contents of their device. In order to protect their privacy users will need to connect at least four dots to activate the pattern lock. While it is recommended, it is not mandatory for users to utilize this feature. Also, if the user forgets their “password” the option to reset or reestablish a new password is available.

Profile – After the user has successfully logged into the mobile app they will be taken to the profile list page. This sortable page lists matches criteria according to their last login time. It displays their photo, username, age, location and other information per the user’s request and can be sorted by distance, last or newest login.

Match criteria refers to gender, age and location. Another feature under profile is user’s activity which allows the user to add a new photo, update criteria such as about me, about my match and first date idea. Inappropriate users can be blocked. Also, members who upgrade to Gold status can utilize additional features such as photo only, ethnicity, living arrangements, etc. The options to send a message, favor a user or wink at someone is are also available by tapping the lower right corner of each profile box.Positive Singles

If users have public profile details attached to their picture the information can be accessed by tapping the “profile” icon in the lower left corner. Users also have the option of making their photo albums private. In order to view a private photo users would need to request access from the owner. If a member’s account has expired they have the option of deleting their photos or moving them to public status.

Let’s Meet – This feature displays two potential matches on the screen allowing them to decide if they are interested in meeting. In order for users to be notified as a match both individuals need to have identified interest in each other. If interested he or she can tap the user’s profile or if not, simply skip by swiping to the next option. As long as the user has uploaded a photo they can use this feature. Gold members have unlimited access while standard member are allowed to “play” three rounds and then subjected to a 30 minute delay before playing again.

Messages – The app comes complete with a detailed message interface, however only Gold members can initiate messages. At this time, images are not supported in the message feature. Another method of connecting is the chatroom. This allows users with Gold status to join a conversation or initiate a particular topic. Standard members can view chat messages but cannot participate in the conversation.

Blog – This feature is a big part of the app just as it is on the full website. The blog allows users to gain information from other member’s experience as well as share their own personal STD story. The blog covers an array of topics ranging from initial diagnosis to establishing healthy relationships.

Upgrade – This feature takes users to the page which allows them to update their membership status as well as set up monthly auto-renewal payments. Payments are processed by google play IAP or iOS, however users with three or six month payment status do not have the auto renewal option.

Settings – This takes users to the page which allows them to change privacy and notification settings. The can also add or remove other users from their list of blocked members. It is also where users can submit feedback or log out of the app completely.

Positive Singles has launched the iOS app in order to stay ahead of the dating trend. Many of their users access the site with mobile devices and the app makes this option much more seamless. The new and improved iOS app is designed to be fun and engaging and was created with the user in mind.  The release date of the new app is March 25, 2015; members are encouraged to download it immediately and use the settings feature to submit feedback based on their experience.

by Cherese Jackson (Virginia)


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