Ryan Reynolds Reveals ‘Deadpool’ Costume

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Today, an image of Ryan Reynolds in costume for the upcoming film adaption of the comic book series, Deadpool, surfaced online. Interestingly, the specific photo just so happens to also be staged as a bizarre nod to a famous 1970’s centerfold photo of Burt Reynolds for the magazine, Cosmopolitan. The buzz surrounding the photo, not only for the reveal of the Deadpool costume, but also for Reynolds’s sense of humor, has prompted quite a few colorful responses.

Arguably one of the most popular characters of the X-Men franchise, the anti-hero will get a film focusing around them (although it will still be considered an official installment of the X-Men series), slated to be released in February of next year. Having already played the pre-mutant form of the character, Wade Wilson, in the 2009 film, X-Men Origins: Wolverine, many are excited to see the actor returning as Wilson’s superhero alter-ego, Deadpool.

Less than a year away, and with fans of the hugely popular franchise barely able to contain their excitement, Reynolds has decided to add fuel the fire with something a little on the saucy side. In 1972, the other Reynolds (who contrary to popular belief is of no relation) bared all for a centerfold in the women’s fashion and lifestyle magazine, Cosmopolitan. Whether it was tied in with film promotion (after all, some sources have suggested that the upcoming film will be on the more humorous side) or was just for laughs, to reveal his new costume for Deadpool, Reynolds opted for a recreation of that photo, complete with skinned bear’s hide and fireplace.

The actor shared the photo on his official Twitter account with the caption, “With great power, comes great irresponsibility,” while the Twitter account for the Deadpool movie re-tweeted and captioned with, “Eat your heart out Burt Reynolds.” Many Twitter users weighed in shortly afterward, a large amount of them calling the photo “sexy;” mostly in a tongue-in-cheek manner, though more than a few appeared to mean it literally.

Some users on the other hand were not as amused, with one going so far as suggesting that the casting director should be “punched in the face for casting Ryan Reynolds” in the role. Either way, the image has succeeded in getting people talking, with Reynolds’s original tweet receiving nearly 40,000 re-tweets since being posted this morning.

If anything, whether an official marketing ploy or just a joke, this is a smart move either way on their part. To get people on social media talking about Deadpool 11 months before release is a sure way of helping box office numbers when the movie debuts in theaters. It also provides a hint to the rumored comedic and over-the-top tone that the movie is slated to have, which has already been confirmed to have frequent moments of the titular character breaking the fourth wall and addressing the audience.

So far, there has been no shortage of hype for the upcoming movie release, Deadpool. As if the film did not have people talking before, Reynolds has just amplified it even further with his comically risque costume reveal for his Deadpool character.

Opinion by Philip Cunningham



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Photo by: Chris Jackson – Flickr License