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The Detective Comics (DC) movie version of a super-villain team, known as Suicide Squad has announced its newest addition to the cast. Adewale Akinnuoye-Agbaje, known for his roles in Thor: The Dark World, HBO’s OZ, and the still popular series LOST, has been announced to play the beloved villain Killer Croc for the upcoming DC film. It truly seems like DC’s Suicide Squad is the super-villain answer to MARVEL’s team up, The Avengers. While Suicide Squad may not have the benefit of ten or so movies of single character buildup as MARVEL did with Robert Downey JR’s Iron Man or Chris Hemsworth’s Thor, this villain centered film may be good enough to not need three phases of films before presenting.

Later this year, the long-awaited Batman vs. Superman: Dawn of Justice is finally being released. While the newest Batman, Ben Affleck, has yet to be proven as a decent Bruce Wayne, Henry Cavil is reprising his role as Superman thankfully. It is not a matter of doubting the film will be a critical success, but many fans still remember Affleck’s version of the film Daredevil, which is looked upon by many as being a slap to the face of comic fans. For many such fans, Daredevil and Affleck is barely a step above the spin-off film Elektra.

The Batman himself is rumored to have a role to play in Suicide Squad as well, though the details are yet to be confirmed by reliable sources. Allegedly, Batman is known to the members of Suicide Squad through his appearances on the news as being a crime fighter. It seems as though in the villain oriented film, Batman is considered to be the key to keeping tabs on the other super-powered characters who inhabit the DC cinematic universe. Readers should keep in mind that Batman is only a very rich man, after all, but is someone who is likely to keep extensive computer files on interesting subjects he comes into contact with. Unfortunately for Mr. Wayne, computers have limits whereas geniuses like The Riddler know no such limitations as to what they can do, or into whose system they can hack.

Since Suicide Squad is about the villains who receive “best supporting actor” Oscars typically, this newest addition to the cast is important for a film revolving solely around “the bad guys”. Agbaje has been around the world of Hollywood for decades, and is finally starting to become more of a mainstream actor with this role of Killer Croc. Other actors and actresses associated with the film are even more exciting to see in their roles. The veteran actors Will Smith and Jared Leto have received the most press, which is well deserved.

Will Smith is known for his experience in acting as well as music, having started his career as a rapper in the early 90’s. Jared Leto is also as famous for his acting credits as he is for his band 30 Seconds To Mars. Both stars have had roles in films that helped define modern cinema as the world knows it. Men in Black, Fight Club, Independence Day, and Requiem For a Dream are played decades later on cable channels the world around. Smith plays Deadeye, and Leto is taking a shot at besting Heath Ledger in his portrayal of The Joker.Suicide

Suicide Squad, however, is not just a two-shot then your done kind of casting experience. The characters being portrayed as well as the actors playing them make this a must see experience for movie goers and comic nerds alike. Suicide Squad appears to be a star-studded event in the making.

The film sees Jay Hernandez of Hostel playing El Diablo, Scott Eastwood who is Clint Eastwood’s son, fresh off his role in Fury, supposedly playing Steve Trevor, and whoever plays much-loved character Harley Quinn is sure to draw many men’s attention. A little bit crazy, a ton of intelligence, and a willingness to dress as a clown in a miniskirt bearing a hand-cannon makes the Quinn character hard to forget in many men’s eyes. All in all, this newest cast member confirmation lines Suicide Squad up to be one of the biggest grossing blockbusters of 2016.

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