The Voice: Blind Auditions Night Four [Recap & Video]

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On The Voice, Blind Auditions Night Four continued the auditions phase of the competition. The musical artists left to audition had a bit tougher go of it to get the coaches to push their buttons and turn their chairs, because the coaches were getting pickier as their teams come closer to completion. Which coach, if any, completed his or her team tonight? Read on, to find out!

The Voice host, Carson Daly, began the episode by saying that Christina now has seven vocalists, as does Blake. Adam added five musical artists, so now he has eight team members, Pharrell added three team members, bringing his total also to eight.

“It’s the most exciting night of the Blind Auditions yet!” Carson said. Apparently, Blake and Adam will form a pact and go against the other coaches.

Ashley Morgan began the evening on The Voice. She sang I Wanna Dance With Somebody. Pharrell and Blake were the two coaches to press their buttons and turn their chairs around.

Pharrell said “She’s good! Is she not good?” he asked. The audience applauded and cheered.

“This is your chance to not be in the background. I have not been this excited about an artist in a long time. I love you!” Blake told her.

Ashley had to make a decision. She broke Blake’s heart when she said “I have to pick Pharrell.” Blake said “Ashley is a once in a lifetime vocalist.”

Carson said “Coming up, for the first time ever, Christina and Pharrell face off.” Then, The Voice headed to a commercial break.

After the break on The Voice, Carson told the judges that the teams are filling up quickly. Koryn Hawthorne, 16, chose to sing My Kind of Love.

She sounded great on The Voice. It took awhile, but Christina finally pushed her button and turned her chair around. At the end of the song, Pharrell pushed his button, also, and turned his chair around.

“There’s no vocal coach in the world who could teach you to sing like that,” Christina told her.

Pharrell said “You’re not cocky. You stand there with humility. People are going to line up to hear that.”

Christina told her she should “follow her heart.”

Adam asked her “Who do you pick as your coach?”

“I’m gonna pick Christina,” Koryn said. At those words, The Voice went to another commercial break.

When The Voice came back after the commercial break, Lexi Davila, 17, was the third performer. She was in concert choir and won 1st Place in a competition, singing in Spanish, for her grandfather. She said she will dedicate tonight’s performance to him, also. She sang Dreaming of You. Adam pushed his button and turned his chair, then Blake pushed his, as well.

Adam asked what her name was and how old she was. He acted incredulous at the mention of her age. Adam said “Lexi, it started incredibly strong. You’re going to be amazing after I coach you. It’s at a 7 right now. We can bring it up three notches, to a 10.” On The Voice, Lexi chose to be on Adam’s team.

The next four performers on The Voice were Josh Batstone, Katelyn Read, Ameera Delandro and Bay Brooks. Josh sang Amnesia and got Blake and Adam to turn their chairs for him. Josh eventually chose to be on Team Adam.

Katelyn Read performed the song Breathe (2 AM) on The Voice and was wonderful. Only Christina turned her chair around, so Katelyn became a member of Team Christina.

Ameera Delandro was terrific on The Voice, singing I’d Rather Go Blind. For the second time in a row, just Christina pushed her button and she was also added to Team Christina.

Bay Brooks sang All of the Stars and got Blake Shelton to push his button, but none of the other judges pushed their buttons. On The Voice, Bay wound up on Team Blake.

After a commercial break on The Voice, Quincy Mumford sang. He was a singer in a band, and had met his wife at a show. Quincy sang the Jackson 5 song, Dancing Machine. He did a pretty good job singing it, but no coaches turned around for him.

Then, Brenna Yeager sang on The Voice. She loves music but got a job at the General Store, to support herself. She sang the Miranda Lambert song, The House That Built Me. Brenna was amazing, and she got both Adam and Blake to push their buttons. She chose to be on Team Blake.

Army Sergeant Jeremy Gaynor was the next performer on The Voice. He told Carson that his wife was pregnant with their first child. He sang Superstar. Fairly quickly, he got Christina to push her button and turn her chair around. Soon after, both Pharrell and Adam pushed their buttons. Blake made it a four chair turn-around. Sergeant Gaynor ended the song with the words “I love you,” and Christina said “I love you, too!”

Blake told him “You’re a stud!”

Christina said “You sound creepy.” She told him “My dad was in the Army,” and added that she was “deeply rooted in R&B music.”

Sergeant Gaynor said “Okay — I pick Christina.” She said she was the leader of the four button push on The Voice.

After a break on The Voice, Adam and Blake formed a pact to help each other out and throw off the other two coaches. They fist-bumped and shook hands on it.

The next performer on The Voice, Jack Gregori, said he lost almost all of his money in the stock market crash. He still works as a lawyer, but just five hours a day. He devotes the rest of his time to playing music.

“No regrets,” he said on The Voice. “There’s nothing better than playing music.” He sang Ring of Fire, and he NAILED it! Adam turned his chair around very quickly. Nobody else turned around for him.

Adam said, on The Voice, “That was legit, and I know you know that. Jack, you have true baritone, soulful voice — It’s gonna get real.”

Blake said “It has been Adam’s dream to beat me with a true country artist.” Blake said that this was Adam’s perfect chance to do that. The Voice sometimes makes odd alliances come true.

After another commercial break on The Voice, Briar Jonnee sang. She comes from such a small town that her parents have to drive 13 miles just to get groceries.

Briar sang Take a Bow. She sounded amazing! Pharrell and Blake were the only ones to push their buttons and turn around for Briar. Christina told her “You are a really great singer.”

Blake said “This might not seem like a perfect match, but it expletive well is.”

Christina got up and did “the Pharrell walk” on The Voice. Adam said “Blake, let’s see your ‘Pimp Limp.'” Blake held off, though, for the time being.

Blake said “You and your fake limp. Which one of us do you pick as your coach? Think of your country roots.” Despite what Blake said, or maybe because of it, Briar said she wanted to be on Team Pharrell.

After yet more commercials, Brian Johnson, 24, sang Reason to Believe on The Voice. He hated being thought of “as the chubby kid with the high voice.” He said that in college, he formed a band and played at coffee houses. Then, his dad came down with Multiple Sclerosis, and his parents separated. His dad became legally blind. He moved back to his dad’s house to help out, and got a job selling insurance.

Brian barely began singing on The Voice, when Adam pushed his button and turned around. Then, Blake also pushed his button and turned his chair. Brian had an AMAZING voice, very powerful and soulful-sounding.

Adam told Blake “You’re going down, son!” He said “Wow, Brian!”

Blake said, on The Voice, “It’s so hard to do but you make it seem easy. So much raw power! There’s nobody like you on my team. You’re the type of artist I will protect.”

“The person I pick — is Blake,” Brian said. Blake stood up and gave him a hug. “Blake knows what he’s doing,” Brian said. “I’m honored to be a part of his team.”

The last artist on The Voice to sing tonight was Corey Kent White. He toured with Oklahoma Stomp for five years, then felt like he “was left hanging.” He put together a band and started playing the college circuit in Oklahoma. He chose to sing Chicken Fried. Christina and Pharrell tried to convince Adam to push his button. Pharrell, Christina, and Adam pushed their buttons. Blake pushed his button right at the end.

Blake asked Corey where he was from, and he answered “Bisbee, Oklahoma.” Blake said “The Swon Brothers were also from Oklahoma.”

On The Voice, Pharrell said he could not just sit there. “Brother, I know you’re from Oklahoma. I toured in Oklahoma. Watch the tapes — see who pushed his button first.”

Adam said that “The guys from Oklahoma did not win that year. Danielle Bradbery did.”

Blake said that he, his wife and another singer pushed and got the Swon Brothers a record deal, even though they did not win on The Voice. “There’s something about those boys from Oklahoma. I’m gonna have to go with Blake,” Corey said.

Tomorrow on The Voice, the Blind Auditions will continue. The coaches have been scoring some truly amazing musical artists. The head-to-head Battle Rounds should be a great test of the singing abilities of all of these talented performers. Among the many highlights tonight was Brian Johnson’s performance, Briar Jonnee singing Take a Bow, and the performances of Corey Kent White, Army Sergeant Jeremy Gaynor and Jack Gregori. Please tune in tomorrow night to see more of The Voice, then come back here to read another recap and watch the cool videos of the musical artists!

Written By Douglas Cobb

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