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On The Walking Dead tonight, Spend, the action heated up, as the fifth season has only two more episodes left after tonight’s show. Rick and Pete, the husband of Jessie, had a heart-to-heart talk over a beer, with Pete suggesting that Rick bring Carl and Judith in for a check-up. Daryl seemed interested in staying with the Alexandria group as a recruiter. However, whatever has seemed to be an idyllic community to settle down in on The Walking Dead eventually has proven to be less-than-ideal. Will that also be the case with the Alexandria Safe Zone?

As The Walking Dead episode opened, the streets of Alexandria were deserted in the early morning. Father Gabriel placed something between the pages of a bible. He ripped out one of the pages, then more and more, until he finally closed it and looked towards heaven. The Walking Dead then went to the first commercial break of the episode.

Daryl had the motorcycle up and going. He sped off on it on The Walking Dead, probably to look for more recruits. He was not in the rest of the episode.

Noah and Deanna’s husband, Reg, met in the morning over steel cut oatmeal. Noah asked if he could teach him about repairing the walls.

“So you’re in it for the long haul?” Reg asked on The Walking Dead. He wrote down what Noah had requested. Noah asked him about it, and Reg said “I write everything down. This is the beginning of this place. You should record all of that, along with what I’ll be teaching you about building things.”

Sergeant Ford was then seen, briefly, in the bathroom of his house on The Walking Dead. He was washing his face.

“The power grid was a prototype. I’m surprised it took this long for it to act up,” Reg said. Glenn, and others, headed off in a van with blazing music to try to get supplies to repair the solar power grid.

Rick, at Jessie’s house on The Walking Dead, saw that the owl she had been making was wrecked. He asked her if she had enemies, or “knew anyone who hates owls.”

Rick asked her if she had heard of the “Broken Window Theory.” He said “If you keep the windows intact, you keep society intact.”

On The Walking Dead, Eugene and Tara walked together. Tara killed a walker. Eugene said he had gotten them there. Tara told him that was not true, that they were the ones who had gotten him there.

“Are you really that much of a coward?” she asked him.

“Yes, I am. I told you I was,” Eugene replied.

Glenn, Noah, Tara, Eugene and the others with them entered a dark building on The Walking Dead, a solar distribution warehouse, to conduct repairs. Glenn had a flashlight. “Tara!” Glenn said. They heard the noises of walkers, and came to a part of the fence where tons of walkers were trying to get through the fence to get them. They finally came to a box that contained micro-drivers they were searching for.

Then, on The Walking Dead, walkers appeared, dressed in some sort of protective gear. A bullet hit a grenade that was on one of the walker’s uniforms. An explosion resulted, and The Walking Dead headed to another commercial break.

After the break on The Walking Dead, Glenn and the others came to within the building. There was dust all over the place, hindering the vision of the people.

“He’s dead!” Nicholas said about Aidan. Noah was okay. Glenn told Eugene to “Take a walker out,” and Eugene was about to, but another walker attacked Eugene and had to be killed.

Sam showed up and asked Carol for more cookies. She told him “They’re gone,” and she mentioned to him about the owl.

“None of these are my problems,” she told him on The Walking Dead. “If you want more cookies, you’ll have to steal more chocolate,” she said.

Eugene told the others he would keep Tara safe while they went to search for Aidan, who was not dead, but had managed to wander off. “I assure you,” he said.

On The Walking Dead, Sergeant Ford and another man were getting lumber to help with further construction. Ford seemed dubious that they could get the job done in the time frame they had been allotted.

Then, they heard walkers approaching, and Ford and the others got their guns and dispatched them. Ford got surrounded by walkers, as he helped a woman into a truck. After that, The Walking Dead went to yet another commercial break.

After the break on The Walking Dead, Ford crawled under something and fired at the walkers. He then kept firing at them after he scrambled out, and bashed several of them in the head.

Rick asked Jessie’s husband, Pete, about the owl. Pete said “It was just an owl. I heard you lost your wife. It must look like we haven’t lost much, but we have,” Pete said.

“Bring your kids in for a check-up,” Pete told Rick on The Walking Dead.

“Thanks Pete,” Rick said.

“Let’s be friends, man,” Pete said.

“We kind of have to be,” Rick said.

“I take no responsibility for this,” Eugene told the unconscious Tara on The Walking Dead. “I told you what I was. You should have listened. You should have listened.” Despite that, Eugene, carrying Tara on his shoulders, dispatched some approaching walkers. Glenn and Nicholas found Aidan, who had been pierced through with metal.

The walkers had broken through and Glenn and Nicholas had to leave, quickly, or also be swarmed. The walkers ate Aidan alive, and The Walking Dead went to still more commercials.

The Walking Dead came back on, with Ford saying “Is that how it works with you? You leave somebody to die?”

The guy he was speaking to said “We have a system.” Ford punched him, and took over, saying “We have a wall to build.”

Meanwhile on The Walking Dead, Glenn, Eugene and the others found themselves trapped in a revolving door, with walkers on either side of them.

“He’s leading them, better than I ever could,” the man said to Deanna on The Walking Dead. “The thing is, I know you won’t regret it.”

“He’s right, you know,” Maggie said. “You wanted a future, you need us for that.”

Elsewhere on The Walking Dead, Sam had a baggie filled with chocolate that he showed Carol. She told him this was the last time she would do this. “Were you always a good cook?” he asked.

“We’re not talking,” she said.

“Sometimes I get sad. I break stuff,” he said.

“Somebody broke your owl statue. Did you break it?” Carol asked Sam on The Walking Dead.

“Why did you steal the guns?” he asked.

“Sometimes you have to protect yourself,” Carol replied.

“Can I have a gun?” he asked.

On The Walking Dead, Carol asked him who it was for. He left without answering.

Eugene had made it to the van, with Tara, and he played the stereo loudly, saying “Come and get me.” Though Tara was not seen, Eugene has, presumably, placed her in the back of the van.

Eugene lured the walkers on the outside part of the glass away on The Walking Dead, while Glenn broke the glass and told Noah and Nicholas to hold the walkers back. Noah sacrificed himself to hold the walkers back. Glenn fell to the ground, mortified by what he had seen happen. The Walking Dead headed to yet more commercials.

When The Walking Dead returned, Nicholas said to Eugene to take him with him in the van. Nicholas said to Eugene “You have two choices, to take me with you or stay here and die with your friends.” Eugene tried to fight against him, but was yanked from the van. Glenn showed up and punched him.

Carol showed up at Pete’s house asking to see Sam and Jessie. Pete said “Not a good time,” and closed the door.

Father Gabriel showed up at Deanna’s house. He compared Rick to Satan, who “hides himself as the Angel of Light.” He told her that she  “made a mistake letting in the others.”  The back-stabbing Gabriel told her that Rick and the group with him were “not good people.”

On The Walking Dead, Deanna replied that Rick had told her he had killed people and she argued “That’s what makes them assets.”

Father Gabriel told her on The Walking Dead that Rick is like Satan, “the Angel of Light,” and said that he and his group “don’t deserve paradise.” Deanna said she had a lot to think about.

Carol told Rick about her concerns. “Rick, I know how this is going to go with Pete. There’s only one way it can go.”

The Walking Dead ended, with a lot of questions left unanswered. For instance, will Tara somehow survive? What will Rick do with the news Carol gave him? How will Deanna react when Glenn and Eugene tell her that Aidan died? Why did Father Gabriel tell Deanna what he did and how will she react to that news? If everything goes south for Rick and his gang, it might be, in part, because of Father Gabriel’s treachery. With just two more episodes left of this season of The Walking Dead, what will happen next? Be sure to watch next Sunday night to find out!

Written By Douglas Cobb

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