Vin Diesel Celebrates Paul Walker With His Daughter’s Name


In a tribute to his best friend, Paul Walker, Vin Diesel celebrates his friend by naming his daughter after the late actor. Pauline, named after Walker, was brought into the world after the actor had passed, though his spirit was felt by Diesel. A celebrity that tends to hold back on his personal information, Diesel is best known for his work in the Fast And The Furious (FATF), and Riddick franchises.

Walker, who died in 2013 in a car crash, was originally thought to have been involved in a racing accident, as well as having drugs and/or alcohol being involved. This was due to the assumption that a Hollywood actor most famous for his involvement in the world-popular FATF franchise must have been racing or drinking. Reports were released months later that the speed of the car was the result of the actor’s death. After further investigation, it was found that no racing or intoxicants were involved at all.

Fast 7 releases in April, marking close to two years since Walker’s death. At this years SXSW expo, fans were treated to an early screening of the new film. With it came Diesel, who came out to give a short speech and emotionally explain that Walker will be missed in many ways other than his acting ability. He said many people lost a good friend when Walker passed.

During a helicopter ride and interview for TODAY, with Natalie Morales, Diesel got a bit emotional speaking of his friend. He claimed that he, “knew Morales was a good soul,” and that is why he shared the information with her. Pauline is his third child with longtime girlfriend Paloma Jimenez. Diesel is known for keeping his information personal, meaning the press tends to know little of his personal life. Revealing that his daughter is named in celebration of his best friend Walker can be taken in a few ways, however.

Fast 7 premiers in less than a month, as many film fans are aware. While no one doubts Diesel’s connection with Walker, or sincerity in naming his third daughter after him, this undoubtedly gets Fast 7 more press than it would have otherwise. Obviously, Diesel lost a good friend when Walker passed, but telling the media that he named his daughter after his late best friend weeks before his newest film is to be released, does seem to many like perfect timing to capitalize on free promotion. Some wonder if this is a situation to get more press to a film. The sad truth is that studios and producers purposely hold back this kind of information unless they can benefit from it. This leads some to wonder if the timing is a bit too perfect.

Diesel seems to be heartfelt in his daughter’s naming, despite the Fast 7 release. What makes it suspicious to certain critics of film advertising, is just how sincere the naming really is. Not often do those in “the industry” reveal their true emotions and relationships to the modern media. Actors and actresses turn into public figures when they start being talked about in the news, and it is a blessing that some still hold true to who they are as people in general. In everyday life, it is common for a couple to name their newborn after a deceased relative, or possibly their own parent’s names as a tribute to them. With Diesel choosing to celebrate Walker’s life by naming his daughter Pauline, the world is able to see just how close the two actors were. Fast 7 premiers in April.

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