4 Principles That Govern Successful People

4 Principles That Govern Successful PeopleMany would probably laugh if they were asked about the last time they were in a mall and looked for of directions. Truth is many people frequent their local shopping centers and malls so much they could find their way around with blindfolds on. Chances are many locals have never taken notice of those centralized, two-sided billboards that display store locations and advertisements. The next time those billboards are seen, pause to take note of the bright red dot that reads:

You Are Here.

Far too often, in the rush to arrive at desired destinations, people breeze right past the map and are content wandering around until familiarity kicks in and they can find our way. This may not be a big issue when it involves a sale at one’s favorite store, but when factoring in the majors such as career, health, relationships and family, the stakes increase dramatically. There is a definite danger in aimless wandering that can lead to delay and destruction. As the saying goes:

If you do not know where you are going, ANY road will do.4 Principles That Govern Successful People

I have been fortunate enough to find myself surrounded by truly successful people throughout my career. As I studied their actions, I realized success is less of a miracle and more of a discipline. One thing in particular that always caught my attention was that they all operated with a “core compass” which guided them.  In other words, there was a set of principles that governed their decisions, how they treated others and what they expected out of life. I want to share a few of these “core compasses” that may lend direction to you:

  • Excellence is not an option: I read a statement recently that impacted me seriously. It said, “Excellence is not my goal; it is my standard.” When you watch successful people, they create an environment where excellence is the expectation for everything they do. They hold themselves and others to the same standard. Remember, if you go in expecting anything less, you will most likely get it.
  • Accountability is a must: Accountability is one of those terms that have gained popularity in recent years. Most have lost the essence of what it means to be accountable. It is more than someone checking on your goals; it is a system of checks and balances that ensure you are maximizing your highest level of potential. Accountability is about getting all that you know you can accomplish.
  • Control what you can: I have learned that highly successful people do not spend a lot of time stressing over things out of their circle of control. In fact, they are locked into those things they can influence. It is the difference between a thermometer and thermostat. One only reads the temps, while the other changes them.
  • Keep the vision forward: As you progress through situations, it can sometimes become difficult to keep your eyes ahead on what is important. Successful people figure out ways to keep their motivation in front of them. Whether through empowering their teams or governing their own internal issues, they look forward to what is next. If we plan to be successful, we need to focus our attentions beyond our current state and prepare for what is to come.

Those red dots on the mall billboards can take some figuring out. The premise is always to discover where you are before you start looking for where you need to go. How else can you devise the quickest, most efficient route? So often we jump into the joy of the destination and never consider what direction we must take for the journey. Life is about discovering the process. You cannot do that without a core compass and envisioned expectation.

by Cherese Jackson (Virginia)

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