A New Original Series ‘Say It to My Face’ Coming to FYI


FYI has a new original series set to premier on the network, called Say It To My Face. The show will allow restaurants, both the chefs and owners, to basically redeem themselves in the eyes of some of their toughest internet critics. An announcement by the FYI network for the show was made on April 2, and there are currently 15 episodes in the first season, which is set to premier on May 9, 2015.

In this new age of people being able to voice grievances for a large audience, with an instant access to that information, the internet can make or break a business. For restaurants, these critics on the other side of a computer screen, can influence the success or failure of the entire enterprise. Even one small mistake from a gifted and talented chef, can potentially spell disaster if an unhappy customer chooses to hold this against the restaurant. Then it becomes a battle to overcome that negativity, and keep the patrons coming through the doors of the establishment.

Now, in FYI’s new original series, Say It To My Face, critics get a chance to confront the owners and chefs of the restaurants where they have left a bad review. It is a chance for any grievances to be aired in a face to face setting. The show’s co-hosts, Anthony Dispensa and Andrew Gruel, will mentor the businesses. There will be makeovers of the restaurants overall concept and menus, even the staff might get an overhaul, as Dispensa and Gruel work with the businesses, to potentially encourage those critics to amend their reviews.

Not only will this overhaul work towards appeasing those critics, but the goal is to also help bring in brand new customers, as well. This is a chance for the restaurants to be elevated in some way, and get a fresh start after the criticism of a negative review.

The co-hosts are each experts in the restaurant entrepreneurial field. Gruel has over 18 years of experience in the culinary field. He is the founder and CEO of the Slapfish Restaurant Group. Dispensa also works for the restaurant group in the position of West Coast Director of Operations. Gruel is a major proponent of the power of social media, and is known to personally respond to any negative reviews that the company gets.

It is with their first hand knowledge of not only the business side of restaurants, but also dealing with critical reviews, that they will help business owners turn things around. The goal is to show owners and chefs that by having an open mind, and being willing to listen to the critics, it is possible to salvage a tarnished reputation before it is too late.

FYI is known for bringing programs that are informative, innovative, inspirational and cater to people’s adventurous sides. The network brings stories and programs that express the experiences that real people live through every day. In this new original series offering from FYI, Say It To My Face, the network is showcasing real businesses dealing with problems from real reviewers.

By Kimberley Spinney


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