Adolf Hitler’s Downfall Predicted in Nine Different Scenarios


Adolf Hitler’s downfall was predicted by the U.S. Intelligence to happen in nine different scenarios. The Office of Strategic Services (OSS), which preceded the CIA as the U.S. Intelligence arm, during World War II, hired Henry Murray, a psychologist, to analyze the behavior of Hitler, and issue a report on his instability. The psychologist, after conducting extensive research, published The Personality of Adolf Hitler, a 229 page dossier, in which he concluded that Hitler was a paranoid schizophrenic, an “utter wreck,” and “incapable of normal human relationships.”

Murray’s analysis was that the brutal dictator known as “Der Fuhrer” was mentally unstable, and in 1943, predicted that his downfall would come in one of nine different scenarios.

He may be captured and imprisoned by a revolutionary German group 

Murray stated that although this was a possibility, he noted that there was a very low likelihood of this happening, based on his popularity. However, he was sure that if this did happen, he would probably be turned over to the U.S. and one of the General Staff would probably take control of the country.

A German national might assassinate him

Murray noted in his report that Hitler was incredibly paranoid and was constantly worried about being killed either through a bullet or poisoning. The despot took precautions, surrounding himself with his inner party members so tightly, that it was almost impossible to get to him. Although Murray noted that Germans are not likely to assassinate their leaders, there were several attempts by some from his inner circle to have him killed, often through hidden explosives, which he always managed to escape before detonation.

He might try to arrange his own death through a close friend or Jewish person

Hitler’s hatred of Jewish people was so fanatical, and his ego so inflated that Murray pointed out in order to immortalize himself, he would die a martyr at the expense of the Jewish population. With his own death being from the hand of a Jewish individual, it would validate his claim that the Jewish were evil, and spark a flurry of hatred in his fellow countrymen, causing them to murder every remaining Jewish person. Hitler also used ancient folklore and religion to aggrandize himself and similar to Jesus’ and Julius Caesar’s deaths, would go as far to have someone close to him kill him in order to paint himself as a legend and spark fanaticism of his soldiers.

Dying in battle

Murray predicted that, out of the nine different scenarios of Adolf Hitler’s downfall, this would be the most likely. In this way, the dictator would have realized his dream of immortality as the true leader of the German people, fighting until the end and dying alongside his troops.

Death by insanity

Because Hitler was a schizophrenic, as Murray pointed out, he was often plagued by traumas such as insomnia and nightmares. Such a state of unrest could lead to an ultimate collapse.

Death at his own hand

Because of his narcissism, Hitler would sooner commit suicide than allow himself to be captured. Murray wrote, that if he were to choose this course, he would do it at the most possible climactic point. Some of the methods, which Murray pointed out were blowing himself up in his home, throwing himself into a giant funeral pyre, shooting himself, or throwing himself off a bridge or balcony.

Death from natural causes

Of course, Murray did not rule out this inevitable form of death. Although there were other ways he predicted Hitler’s downfall, if none of them came to pass, than this would be the obvious way.

Fleeing to a neutral country

Although Murray thought this to be a possibility, the only way for this to happen would be if Hitler was drugged by one of his party members and flown to Switzerland, where he would then be convinced to stay, once he came to consciousness. The reason he would not do this willingly was because then he would be seen by his people as a coward or deserter.

Capture by the United Nations

If defeated in war, Murray stated that this would be a possibility, although the least likely. He also stated that this would be the most desirable outcome.

In his report, Murray predicted Adolf Hitler’s downfall in nine different scenarios. While some were or seemed far-fetched, others were more likely. On April 30, 1945, Hitler did, indeed, commit suicide in his Berlin bunker alongside Eva Braun whom he wed only hours prior to his death at his own hand. This is widely believed and accepted, however, there are several theories that some of the other scenarios actually did materialize, in fact more than one. Based on the Russian Archives, there is a belief that he had escaped Germany shortly after the war, hiding out in parts of Europe, where he died shortly after due to illness, possibly confirming the insanity scenario, satisfying possibly two of the scenarios outlined by Murray.

A more popular and widely believed theory, is that the dictator fled to another country, where he died a natural death. While this satisfies two of the nine scenarios, it more closely runs parallel to the idea of him dying naturally, while slightly variant to him fleeing to another country. In the book, Hitler in Brazil, author Simoni Renee Guerreiro suggests that, along with many officers of the Nazi party, Hitler had fled Germany of his own will following World War II and settled in Argentina with wife Eva, taking with him much of the artwork and gold looted by the Nazis while in power. Using an eerie string of possible evidence, she goes on to prove that Hitler died at the age of 96 in September, 1984. Thus while the most popular belief is that Hitler died of his own hand, the world can feel safe knowing that if untrue, then at least one of the other nine scenarios predicted of Adolf Hitler’s downfall can only be possible.

By Bill Ades

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