Apocalypse Where the Past and Present Meet the Future [Video]

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Apocalypse, the latest installment in Fox’s X-Men saga, is sure give its present day fans what they’ve enjoyed in the past and set the series on an exciting path toward future releases. Set for release in theaters on May 27, 2016, it occupies its traditional Memorial Day weekend slot, which had proved successful for its previous sequel, Days of the Future Past. It also means that, similar to how the previous X-Men film faced off against Disney’s Maleficent, this blockbuster production will compete against its apparent rival’s release of Alice in Wonderland 2. 

Apocalypse is sure to keep X-Men fans satisfied with what is to be in store. For one thing, after an extended absence, which began with the series debut in 2000, Bryan Singer, who reunited with the rest of the cast in Days of the Future Past, will again join both the original members as well as the younger X-Men: First Class team in this production. Singer had been facing some legal issues before screenwriter Simon Kinberg confirmed that the star would indeed be around for the upcoming film to be released next year. Since then, Singer has been working with the team in pre-production, sharing on Instagram, photos of Cerebro and the artwork of Apocalypse’s ship.

Speaking of which, along with the past heroes and villains, as well as present ones, Apocalypse played by Oscar Isaac, is the future villain on the block who fans are anticipating to meet and they want to know more about who he is and what makes him tick. The X-Men have had their share of foes over the years, from Magneto in the original release, and then Bolivar Trask. Now they will be battling this new villain, who actually made his first appearance at the closing credits of last summer’s installment, where he is shown converging on the Great Pyramid in Egypt, which suggests that he has been around all along.

Apocalypse’s real name is revealed by Marvel Comics as ‘En Sabah Nur’ meaning, ‘The First One,’ which suggests that his roots go back to ancient Egypt has struggled through a long, painful life of slavery and power struggles. His name also suggests that he may have been the first of the mutants to exist. His features from birth include grey skin and traces of blue around his features. He possesses powers which basically render him invincible and which include telekinesis, ability to teleport, superhuman strength, ability to fly, and invulnerability. During his lifespan, he created the Four Horsemen who also appeared as silhouettes in last film’s teaser and are named Famine, Pestilence, War, and Death.

Along with Singer and new villain Apocalypse, fans will once again be treated to the series’ original team of characters. As the time period of the film is set in the 1980s, complete that era’s styles, the cast of actors will comprise of many faces from Days of the Future Past, including Xavier played by James McAvoy, Magneto by Michael Fassbender, Beast played by Nicolas Hoult, and Mystique by Jennifer Lawrence. There will also be younger versions of Jean Gray, Cyclops, and Storm, played respectively by Sophie Turner, Alexandra Shipp, and Tye Sheridan. Meeting so many new faces along with being to the familiar ones, Apocalypse ties in the past, present and future, and leaves its fans with much confidence that there will be more X-Men releases to come.

By Bill Ades

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