Apple Watch Rocks With Soaring Pre-Orders

Apple Watch
The Apple Watch rocks with soaring pre-orders since it started accepting orders on April 10. On the first day alone, almost one million people bought the watch, estimated a shopping research expert. There were queues for the watch at Apple stores in New York, Palo Alto, and Los Angeles; though, the craze has not passed that of the iPhone 6 as yet.

As data from Slice Intelligence shows that 957,000 people in the United States placed orders for the smartwatch, where one buyer bought more than one watch. About 62 percent ordered from the Apple Watch Sports edition, which is the less-expensive model.

The Slice Intelligence data came from two million people who used the mobile app cross-platform Slice, which tracks online buys from sales to delivery. According to the data, each customer orders 1.3 watches on average.

Debuted last month, the Apple Watch was not immediately available, unlike other Apple products, such as laptops and smartphones. It was only last Friday that people could place their orders online. Shipment will be on April 24 and wait times may extend until summer.

Many doubted if Apple’s first watch, which is said to be its most intimate product so far, would succeed. A few remain positive though, still thinking that it will change the fate of wearables in the tech sphere. They are not for frustration, as Apple Watch is now rocking with soaring pre-orders.

The Apple Watch starts at $349 and can be up to $17,000. It even needs an iPhone to maximize its functions. Available in three models including the standard, Sport, and expensive Apple Watch Edition, there are many ways to personalize it.

Apple has smartly crafted the watch to cater to both genders, by offering it in 38 and 42 mm sizes. The bigger share of orders last Friday, which is 71 percent, were for the larger size. The watch for smaller wrists were ordered by 29 percent of the buyers.

Apple CEO Tim Cook said the buzz for their smartwatch is incredible and sales are already great. Though it may not contribute big time to the company’s revenue, it can still forge a new category. Many are fascinated with Apple’s first smartwatch with all the hype, even with its high price tag.

Chris Matyszczyk of CNET visited an Apple Store on Monday and checked on the Apple Watch. His first experience with the smartwatch was not so impressive. Though he sees the wearable as something without style or luxury, he predicts it will still succeed.

The watch carries Apple’s style and amusement. Those who will own it will feel good and different. Tapping the watch and rolling the crown offer consumers a kind of joy. “Texting with emojis, paying purchases, or using it to open the doors are just secondary reasons why people buy it,” Matyszczyk added. Apple Watch not only makes people happy for buying a product from the Cupertino giant company, but it makes them feel good about themselves.

The times are indeed in favor of Apple, which also introduced its new MacBook laptop last month. Likewise, MacBook was made available for pre-orders last Friday. While Apple Watch rocks with soaring pre-orders, the MacBook sold 48,000 units. It is estimated that 43 percent of those who bought MacBook also bought an Apple Watch.

By Judith Aparri

USA Today
Photo courtesy of Ryan Ozawa– Flickr License

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