BlackBerry New App Strategy, WhatsApp, Upcoming Devices and Security


BlackBerry has a lot of stuff going on including a new app strategy, WhatsApp rollout, upcoming devices as well as making its “security strong” software available to other platforms. With regard to app strategy, BlackBerry CEO and Chairman John Chen teased in a recent CNBC interview with Brian Sullivan in a short “halftime report,” their new app strategy with regards to upcoming apps on BlackBerry platforms, as a way of enticing customers to get back using their smartphones.

Though he could not say what is going on in their company aside from Amazon apps, the BB executive said they are working hard at it. Apps are sort of BlackBerry’s weakness. What to expect from the Canadian-based OEM is still unknown, but it reveals, it is brewing something. Whatever their current plans are, it shows that it is not complacent with its collaboration with Amazon.

Chen said they focus on applications, on a lot of security, productivity and privacy, as well as batteries that last long, keyboard and other stuff. He mentioned that they are working on enterprise apps, healthcare and a new generation of apps.

It has not been long since Passport maker started to get up from a downfall and the company is determined to have a steady rise. Aside from brewing a new app strategy, it recently updated its devices with the new WhatsApp, while working for upcoming devices and setting its “security” software to be available for other mobile OS.

Earlier this week, WhatsApp voice calling started to roll out to users of BlackBerry 10 mobile operating system. The updated app is enhanced with new features, such as, new fonts, chat, single tap contacts, location sharing in a larger map, message search and highlighting settings. While WhatsApp voice calling has rolled out to iOS and Android users, who can now place VoIP calls using Wi-Fi connection, it has been used by BB beta testers until it is opened to everyone.

Last month’s MWC 2015 had the Canadian phone maker introduced BlackBerry Leap and a teaser of some upcoming devices, one of which looked like a slider with a double-edged screen. The BlackBerry Slider has a follow-up information with leaked images this week, plus two more BB devices which the tech world can expect in the future.

The BB Slider or Venice seems to be a great flagship offering, as it seems to feature a 5.1-inch 1440 x 2560 pixel resolution display, and appears to be a pleasing design. Its hardware includes an octa-core CPU, a 3650 mAh battery as well as 16MP and 5MP shooters.

The other two leaked devices have one that looks like a Passport successor, which will be named Oslo. It will inherit the Passport’s specs of 1440 x 1440 pixel display, Snapdragon 800 processor, 3450 mAh battery, 13MP shooter with OIS and the spacious QWERTY keyboard.

Security is one of BlackBerry’s strengths. While other companies in the smartphone world face challenges when it comes to security, BlackBerry remains steadfast. The Canadian OEM announced earlier that it plans to make its software available on other mobile operating systems, like those owned by Google, Microsoft and Apple.

Whether or not other companies like Apple had talked with BlackBerry already, CEO Chen does not want to comment. He told Cristina Alesci of CNN Money on Monday that they are open for talks.

While Blackberry focuses on a new app strategy, has updated with Whatsapp, working on new devices, Chen also acknowledged that they would make their software, which is known for its security strength, available for any device OS. He added that conversations with rivals on security go on all the time. For its security advantages, President Obama and the Defense Department are using BlackBerry devices.

By Judith Aparri

CNN Money
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Photo courtesy of Tim Lee – Creativecommons Flickr License

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