Bobbi Brown Awake and Not on Life Support

Bobbi Brown is now awake and she is no longer on life support, according to her father, Bobby Brown. He announced the news during a concert on Saturday night.

Bobbi Brown is now awake and she is no longer on life support, according to her father, Bobby Brown. He announced the news during a concert on Saturday night. The news was confirmed by Bobbi’s aunt, Tina Brown, on her Facebook page.

Bobbi Brown, 22, daughter of Bobby Brown and the late Whitney Houston, was in a medically-induced coma for approximately three months, and it was believed by many that she was only being kept alive by being on life support machines. There were also rumors that Brown’s organs were failing, one of the signs that would generally signify that the end of her life was drawing near.

Singer Bobby Brown made the dramatic announcement that his daughter, Bobbi Brown, was awake during a concert in Texas on Saturday night. It was during a Frankie Beverly concert, and Bobby Brown, one of the performers there, was standing upon the stage, addressing the audience with the amazing news, adding that she was “watching me.” The audience there screamed and cheered about the good news that Brown shared with them.

Tina Brown wrote on her Facebook page that “God is good!” and she thanked everybody for their many prayers, mentioning that Bobbi was “no longer on life support,” and that her recovery might take a while, stating it was “still a process, but she is going to be ok.”

The family of Bobbi Brown has not released many other details about her condition. They are praying that “god restore her body and everywhere that she hurts.” Though Bobbi Brown is off of life support, she will likely have a long road to go to make a full recovery, if that is even possible.

Bobbi Brown was discovered face down in a bathtub at her home in Georgia roughly three months ago, on January 31.. She was unresponsive, and it was unknown how long she had been unconscious with her head face down in the water in her tub.

After being released from Emory University Hospital in Atlanta, Georgia, last month, Bobbi Brown was moved to an undisclosed location. While the news that she is now awake and is off of life support is certainly good, doctors have told the Brown family not to expect too speedy of a recovery.

The Brown family is cautiously optimistic about the news that Bobbi is now awake. They urge that people keep on praying for her continued improvement and recovery, including the mending of “her broken heart,” according to her aunt Tina’s Facebook post.

According to a neurologist, Julian Bragg, who was interviewed by Entertainment Tonight, whenever someone is in a coma for even two weeks, there is often a “decrease in muscle strength.” She stated that that includes even a decrease of strength “in terms of breathing.” The neurologist said that things like just sitting up or breathing and swallowing often require people in comas to undergo rehabilitation and “extensive strengthening.”

When Bobby Brown announced the incredible news that his daughter, Bobbi Brown, was no longer on life support and she was now awake, the audience at the Dallas, Texas concert screamed and cheered. It is still way too soon to tell exactly how full of a recovery that Bobbi Brown will be able to make, but the news that she is awake is miraculous, to the many people who thought that it was only a matter of time until the news came out that she had passed away.

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