Bobby Brown’s Emotional Battle


Bobby Brown has been going through an emotional battle since his daughter, Bobbi Kristina Brown, has been hospitalized for the last three months. Many say he is in denial, because he told his fans at a concert in Dallas, TX that his 22-year-old daughter had woken up from her medically induced coma. While Kristina’s grandmother, Cissy Houston, tried to object his announcement, she has recently agreed with Brown. However, she has clarified that her granddaughter’s eyes are open, and she is no longer in an induced coma, but due to her brain having unresponsive and global damage, she is not awake.

Brown has been very optimistic about his daughter reviving from the coma, and although doctors say she still has a long life ahead of her, there is still no telling if she would ever come back, and experience the world as she once knew it. Now that Kristina is awake, she has recently been moved to DeKalb Medical Center in Decatur, Georgia, from Emory University Hospital, where she was taken after she was found unresponsive in the bathtub. Earlier this week, Brown visited with his daughter in the new location. Brown is keeping his fans and the media updated with the improvements his daughter has been making. However, her grandmother Cissy is holding on to her argument, that she believes Kristina is going to remain in her condition, for the rest of her life, despite what the doctors and Brown have to say.

Before the new reports of Bobbi Kristina’s recovery were stated, the New Edition hit maker, emotional battle has been a roller coaster ride, he has been in a constant battle with his ex-mother-in-law over Kristina’s inheritance. The 22-year old has an inheritance of $20 million, and each day she spends in the hospital the amount gets reduced, due to the medical bills. Cissy, was trying to get her grand-daughter’s father to let her pass away, but he insisted to keep his hopes alive that she will get better. If Brown pulls the cord on his daughter’s life, he would not see a dime of the $20 million, Kristina was not old enough to sign the money into her name, and if anything happened to her before she was of age, the money would go to her grandmother and Pat Houston, Whitney’s Houston sister-in-law, and head of Kristina’s estate.

Now that there are signs of Kristina improving, Cissy has been very laid back about how her grand-daughter is turning out. She has told sources how she does not want to see her grand-daughter suffer for the rest of her life, but she has not said anything about how she is happy, since she has awaken from her coma. Sources have told NBC, Brown has recently filed for guardianship over Kristina’s estate, and his hopes are very high that his 22-year-old daughter is beginning to make improvements with her recovery.

Brown’s second wife, Alicia Etheredge-Brown, who is pregnant with the singer’s second child, released a statement saying life is the most precious thing that the family has and that she continues to support her husband’s optimism for his daughter. She also wishes Kristina will see a full recovery, and be able to meet her new sister. With the New Edition singer filing for guardianship over his daughter’s estate, it eases his worries knowing the 22-year-old would be in the hands of those that wish her all the blessings to only recover, rather than put an end to her life because they believe she will not be happy, if her brain comes all the way back to its senses.

Brown filing for guardianship of his daughter’s estate adds less stress to his emotional battle. Now that she is no longer in ICU, and has begun to go through therapy, the singer has to continue to be optimistic for his daughter and the safety of her inheritance.

Opinion By Krystle Mitchell


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