Deion Sanders Calls Out Son for Saying He Only Eats ‘Hood Doughnuts’

Deion Sanders

After his son, Deion Sanders Jr., posted on his Twitter account that he only likes to eat “hood doughnuts,” NFL legend Deion Sanders called him out. Playfully reminding his son of who he is, and how much money he comes from, Deion Sanders tweeted in response a series of tweets that also his more than 900,000 followers could read, using humorous hashtags such as #Huxtable.

Besides using the hashtag, #Huxtable, Deion Sanders wrote that his son had “a million $ trust fund.” Sanders added “Stop the hood stuff!” As if that tweet was not enough to remind his son that he comes from money, he followed it up with a tweet about his son having a condo, a clothing line with the label “Well Off,” and a million dollar trust fund, according to CNN and other sources. The tweet concluded with the hashtags #Trustfund and #versacesheets.

Deion Sanders, Jr., is well on his way in following his famous father’s footsteps and eventually being drafted by the NFL. He is currently attending Southern Methodist University, where he is a wide receiver. Deion Sanders, Jr., also likes to rap and he is involved with managing the “Well Off” clothing line.

Most of the tweets that Deion Sanders, Jr., has on his timeline are pretty tame and are a combination of inspirational biblical verses, comments about topics like school, cars, Balenciaga shoes and sports, as well as motivational quotes. He just knows what he likes, and he is a big-time fan of what he refers to as “hood doughnuts.” He has reportedly stated that he does not want to eat any doughnuts unless they “come in a plain white box.”

It could very well be that Deion Sanders, Jr., is just a young man who has good taste in a variety of matters, including what he believes is delicious snack food, like doughnuts. Maybe his love of the confections has nothing to do with the fact that they are “hood doughnuts,” as he calls them, at all, but he just believes that they are, hands down, the best doughnuts around.

Whatever the reason or reasons might be that the son of Deion Sanders enjoys eating the doughnuts, it gave the elder Sanders a chance to mess with his son, and have a little bit of fun in the process. If the tweets from his father bothered Deion Sanders, Jr., at all, he did not let it show by deleting the tweets. Instead, he re-tweeted them, seeming to take his father’s remarks in good nature.

Deion Sanders is savvy enough to realize that the comments that he and his children make will be taken notice of by a lot of people, and he probably did not want news to come out that his son had anything to do with “the hood.” Not that there is anything wrong with coming from “the hood,” but people who actually do come from a neighborhood that might be called “the hood” might think of a person who comes from a wealthy background who tossed around that term to be a wannabe.

Deion Sanders is a legend not only for his accomplishments as a wide receiver in the NFL, which has placed him into the NFL Hall of Fame, but also for the fact that he played baseball as an outfielder for the New York Yankees, the Cincinnati Reds, the San Francisco Giants, and the Atlanta Braves. He is the only man who has ever played in both the World Series and the Super Bowl.

Sanders is currently a sports analyst for both the NFL Network and for CBS Sports. He is said to be worth reportedly $40 million.

Parents applauded Deion Sanders’ comments, reminding his son that he comes from a background of wealth, and should not act like a “wannabe,” if that is how he was acting when he tweeted about his love for “hood doughnuts.” The #Huxtable reference about The Cosby Show and comparing that fictional TV family to his own well-to-do family was just one of the funny and light-hearted hashtags that Deion Sanders used to reply to his son’s tweet.

Written By Douglas Cobb

New Pittsburgh Courier
Herald Sun
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