Dementia Is at a Low Risk for Overweight People


Dementia is known to be a memory loss condition, but there is a little more depth to it. It is not a specific disease because of how thoroughly it affects the brain. Two functions of the brain are affected deal with memory loss, impaired judgement and language, inability to complete ritual tasks (such as getting lost while driving) and paying bills. Neurologists have found, in a new study, that dementia is at a low risk for overweight people.

Being overweight has always had its faults, and for the first time it is actually beneficial to carry a little weight when entering mid-life and old age. The excessive weight helps individuals reduce their chances of getting dementia.

British researchers came to this conclusion after studying 20 years worth of medical records of two million people. Researchers have found that those that were underweight, or weighed a little less pounds than normal, had a 34 percent chance to get dementia than those that were normal and over weight. As the clients weight increased, the researchers found that symptoms of dementia began to decrease. No explanation has been determined explaining why it is so, a researcher stated. So far, they are still trying to find reasoning behind the factors.

Now that dementia is less likely to occur in those that are over weight, this may cause many people to believe that it is okay to eat, overeat, and eat unhealthy. A medical doctor told CBS that many of the studies that suggested eating healthy makes individuals live longer have now been contradicted. The doctor warns people to not take the study too seriously yet, since researchers did not study other factors that could have played a part in the client’s life.

A nutritionist has suggested that eating more brain-boosting foods will also help retain memory and improve mood, since being obese results in other health factors that lead to other serious diseases. Continuing to eat vegetables, take vitamins, and exercise are still important habits to maintain to live a long life.

Now that researchers have found a reduction in the development of dementia, other studies are going into effect. The studies will include client behavior over the years to maintain a healthy brain; this behavior includes such factors as how often they exercised, what foods they ate, as well as any activities they participated in.

Doctors told Washington Post that although patients that are overweight have a low risk of dementia, they will not be able to benefit from it for long. This is due to the aforementioned fact that being overweight causes other major problems.

The goal of the study is not to result in people eating more fast food. An Alzheimer’s Society spokesman suggests it is very important for people to continue to nurture their brain by not smoking, continue to exercise, and eat a healthy balanced diet daily. Although overweight people have better brain function and therefore have a lower chance of suffering from dementia, it is good to also have the body that will go with it, in order for life to be enjoyable. Having a functionless body with a healthy brain would only lead one to have a meaningless life until the end, since many things will not be able to get done.

By Krystle Mitchell



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