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Dissidia Final Fantasy

Fans of fighting role playing games will be happy to know that there is a new version of Dissidia Final Fantasy coming out in the fall of 2015. The game is going to first be released as an arcade game, and then depending on how well it does in that arena, a release on home console is possible.

It was announced during the Japan Amusement Expo in February that game developers, Team Ninja, would be releasing a new version of Dissidia Final Fantasy. Team Ninja is best known for its releases of Ninja Gaiden, and more recently Dead or Alive. It was made clear that this newer version of the game was not going to be a continuation of the already released Dissidia Final Fantasy, but a completely new rebuild from the ground up.

On Friday, Sony announced that the game was going to be developed around Sony’s PlayStation 4 architecture. Even though the PS4 is lending itself to the build, it has not been officially confirmed that it will be going over to PS4, or any console for that matter. If it does, it would not be for at least a year after the arcade version launches. Earlier releases of Dissidia Final Fantasy were only developed for the PlayStation Portable handheld gaming system. This new version would be the first time it has made an appearance on a home console. It is still unclear whether or not the game will be released for other markets outside of Japan.

Some of the characters that will be included in the new Dissidia Final Fantasy include Cloud, Lightning, Y’Shtola, Tina Branford, Onion Knight, and Warrior of Light. The arcade cabinet version of the game will be connected to the internet, much like a home console version, so it can receive updates. Some of the updates would include new music, updates to the playable characters, weapons, and equipment. Ultimately, there will be 50 playable characters after all of the updates are done. That is about double the amount of characters that could be played in the original PSP version of the game.

The Dissidia Final Fantasy franchise originated from the director of Kingdom Hearts, Testuya Nomura. He wanted to create a spin-off for the Kingdom Hearts series but instead it was changed to Final Fantasy. The release was well received and went on to sell over one million copies. A followup to the original Dissidia Final Fantasy was released in March of 2011 called Dissidia 012 Final Fantasy. Again, the game was released only for the PSP platform, and was well received, as well. Notable achievements when talking about this franchise, are how it brought elements of the very popular RPG genre, and crossed them over into the fighting genre. Reviewers and gamers alike, gave high praise for the combining of the two.

Even though the announcement was made for the release of the latest version of Dissidia Final Fantasy, gamers state-side will have to hope that the arcade trial version of the game does well in Japan. If it does not, it may never have a chance of being released in the states.  The locations for the trial run of the Dissidia Final Fantasy arcade game is set for Tokyo, Osaka, Miyagi, Aichi and Fukuoka, Japan, from April 17 through April 26.

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