Donald Sterling Lawsuit Against NBA Has Been Dismissed

Donald Sterling is known for his racist remarks from back in August. He sued the NBA in May when his wife signed an agreement to sell the Clippers team. The NBA dismissed the lawsuit on Monday, telling LA Times the former owner was, “trying to portray himself as a victim of a variety of imagined and meritless legal wrongs.”

Sterling owned the team for over 33 years. Last month, he tried to expand the lawsuit against the NBA by adding a complaint against his wife Rochelle Sterling, two doctors, and NBA commissioner David Stern, who says Sterling is mentally incapable to remain a member to the family trust of owning the Clippers.

NBA commissioner Adam Silver is fighting against the claim, due to having him banned from the NBA for life, and fining him $2.5 million, for recorded racist remarks he made to his girlfriend about African-Americans. Sterling argues that the fight against the claim is a conspiracy since the NBA has been trying to remove him as owner of the Clippers. He believes his wife and the doctors worked against him with the NBA to lose his position of being owner of the Clippers. He constructed a 32-page complaint stating Silver and the NBA isolated his wife and scared her to sign the papers which agreed she was for him selling the team.

The lawsuit also indicates his wife had schemed him see a doctor last year, whom stated that he suffered from Alzheimer’s disease. The former Clippers owner also stated in the claim the common goals between his wife, the doctors, and the NBA, are to damage his financial interests.

The NBA dismissed Sterling’s lawsuit because they believed his claim was unproven. Sterling has ignored court and defense councils. A plaintiff filed an amended complaint which virtually held all of the legally deficient claims and added new claims he has lost in state courts. The NBA does not believe Sterling should have any chance of suing the association.

The NBA counter-sued Sterling last August, stating his claim was not clear. In July, a judged dismissed the sale of the Clippers as an indecisive decision against Sterling. While his wife joined the agreement to sell the team to Steve Ballmer for two billion dollars, the claim signified he would only be suing himself since his wife agreed to sell the Clippers.

Ballmer bought the team seven months ago, and the money sits in an escrow account under NBA’s control. The arrangement of the sell is a detailed addendum of his wife’s settlement, and the money will go towards recovery sources for any payments for security protection and insurances. While Sterling continues to appeal, he told sources that he will sue the NBA until the day he dies. He believes he could have gotten more than two billion dollars for the team. He believes he should have received up to $600 million back for the team for damages.

Sterling’s lawsuit against the NBA bestows the ideal that he may not be thinking rationally. His wife’s attorney has stated all the claims that were made have been frivolous and desperate. While his lawyer Bobby Samini told  LA Times taking someone’s possession is one thing, but not giving them the full cut is another, the former owner has no chance at winning any lawsuit against the NBA.

By Krystle Mitchell


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