Full House and Tanner Clan Are Supposedly Back in Spinoff

Full House


Full House on Friday nights. For many, this was a tradition in the late ’80’s that lasted until the mid-90’s people gathered around TV with their parents, kids, siblings, and whoever else happened to be over. The original ABC series starred Bob Saget as Danny Tanner, a widower who gets help raising his three daughters from his brother-in-law (Uncle Jesse ,played by Johm Stamos) and his stand up comic friend (Joey Gladstone, played by Dave Coulier). Now Netflix plans to bring Full House and the Tanners back reportedly in a spinoff.

The alleged spinoff of the TGIF hit which aired from 1987 to 1995, entitled Fuller House will star Candace Cameron Bere and Andrea Barber reprising their roles as the ever sensible, eldest daughter DJ Tanner and her best friend forever, the zany, ditzy, but ever loyal Kimmy Gibbler. The pair of TV best friends are close in real life despite the 20 years that have passed since they last portrayed DJ and Kimmy.

According to rumor, the two best friends are raising their kids in one house. There is no word about what happened to their children’s fathers, but fans speculate that they are either dead or divorced.  Perhaps the men are alive and well; parenting alongside DJ and Kimmy. It is impossible to say what will really happen until the pilot airs, especially since Netflix had no comment.

As word of Netflix’s reported plan to bring Full House and some of the Tanners back on to American viewers screens, spread, potential audience members divided themselves into two camps- “yes ,please!” and “no, thank you” Members of the no thank you faction do not see very many new areas of exploration for a TV show covering the continuing friendship of the now adult DJ and Kimmy. Still others are done with the trend of remakes, spinoffs, and reimaginings that have been quite prevalent on TV and movie screens of late. They yearn for new places and new characters.

On the other side, are ardent fans of the show.Some have been imagining the characters lives after the show ended for years. News of Netflix’s possible agreement to make the Fuller House series has them creating plot lines they would like to see featured in the new show.

In this case, it looks like the yes please camp will win the debate as Netflix is described as being very likely to order a 13 episode season of the DJ and Kimmy spinoff. Many cast members from the original series will make guest appearances, as well as produce some episodes.

In 2014, John Stamos said “We’ve said no to every sort of reunion, Lately there’s one that we sort of are gravitating towards. It’s not a complete reunion, but a twist. If we can get it done right…then we will do it.”

It remains to be seen whether Netflix will indeed bring a version of Full House and the Tanners back. Perhaps, this is just another rumor of a second incarnation of the Tanner clan that will never actually happen. Fans of Full House should be used to that sort of disappointment by now.



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