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Full House

Netflix recently confirmed that a Full House spinoff titled Fuller House will premiere on the channel in 2016. The first season will feature thirteen episodes. John Stamos made an official public announcement regarding the spinoff on Jimmy Kimmel Live! The spinoff will focus on D.J. Tanner who is played by Candace Cameron-Bure, Stephanie Tanner who is played by Jodie Sweeten, and Kimmy Gibbler who is played by Andrea Barber.

Variety said that the premise of the show will focus on D.J. Tanner having been recently widowed and is now pregnant and attempting to raise two other children while maintaining her career as a veterinarian. Her sister, Stephanie, and best friend, Kimmy will move in with her after the death of her husband to assist in caring for the kids and maintaining the household. The character of D.J. is said to have her hands full with a rebellious 12-year-old and a neurotic 7-year-old and a baby on the way and desperately needs the help of her friends and family. D.J.’s friend Kimmy also will have her hands full with a teenage daughter of her own.

John Stamos is set to guest star and will also serve as a producer. There are ongoing negotiations with the other original stars Bob Saget, Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen, Dave Collier, and Lori Loughlin. The people in charge are attempting to lure back as many of the original cast members as possible and strike a deal with them. The hope is that they will be able to come back as at least guest stars in some capacity Variety states.

Lori Loughlin recently made a statement to Access Hollywood Live that she was not sure if she would return or not, it all depends on her schedule at the time. She added that she does not think that the Olsen twins are interested in the slightest or if they were even asked to appear. She did point out that everyone would be happy if they did reprise their roles, but the ball really is in their court.

Full House aired from 1987-1995 and was extremely popular with fans. Stamos mentioned on Kimmel that the creators of the original series have been planning a spinoff for years. He added that they were just waiting for the right moment and wanted to make sure that they got everything right. The Netflix vice president said that they were excited to be able to introduce this series to new people and fans of the original. Netflix hopes that the series can spark a whole new generation of Full House fans.

Executive producers Robert L. Boyett, Thomas L. Miller and Jeff Franklin said they are impressed by the continued support of Full House and find it astounding that the support have lasted 28+ years.They added that the love you saw onscreen between these people was real and it continues to this day. They are thrilled to be able to revisit these beloved characters and create new chapters for them.

Even with all of the excitement surrounding the upcoming series, controversy has sparked. The Olsen twins have recently made claims that they were never even told about the spinoff or asked to appear in it. Time says that John Stamos publicly called the twins out on this and claimed that what they said was untrue. He stated that the Olsen twins made it seem like he deliberately forgot to mention the spinoff to them. Time reported that things are already getting chilly on the Fuller House set before production has even began and that it seems uncertain whether or not the Olsen twins will take part in the show. With the drama already beginning, it really is hard to say, the article went on.

Webpro News said that Jodie Sweetin mentioned in an interview with Entertainment Weekly that she is elated about the upcoming Full House spinoff, Fuller House. She finds it to be a dream come true to work with Barber and Cameron-Bure again and hopefully some more of her other former cast mates the article went on to say. She also said that people have been waiting for this for over twenty years and that they have been hopeful about it as well, but it was a matter of it happening when it was supposed to happen. It really was out of the actors’ hands and in the hands of the creative team.  She stated that it almost seems to good to be true in a way. Sweetin just feels fortunate to get to do what she loves with people that she considers family Webpro News said.

The Full House spinoff will shortly be upon fans and the actors seem to be just as pumped about it as the fans. Variety also brought up the fact that a made-for-TV behind the scenes movie about the Full House series and what took place off camera as well as on is possibly in the works. Nothing concrete has been stated about the potential TV movie, but it could be a possibility in the future. Despite the drama with the Olsen twins, everything else pertaining to the Full House spinoff seems to be running smoothly and fans are looking forward to seeing their old favorites again. Regardless of whether a person is a fan of the old Full House series or a new viewer, this new Full House spinoff seems to be a cannot miss Netflix show for 2016.

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