Funny or Die Take Credit for Dennis Quaid Tantrum Video


Jimmy Kimmel can now be left off the hook as the comedy group, Funny or Die took credit for Dennis Quaid’s tantrum video today. The viral video, shot by a phone camera, showed the actor freaking out and having a total meltdown on the set of a film.

He rants and raves, hurls insults and screams at the film crew calling it the “most unprofessional set” he had ever seen. Someone in the background tries to calm him down but he finally walks off. The 44-second meltdown video was uploaded on YouTube on Apr. 10 and got over a million views within the next five days.

Many people were upset at seeing Quaid lose his cool and kept hoping that it was a prank video for either Ellen DeGeneres or Jimmy Kimmel as both television presenters have a history of pulling remarkable pranks. Kimmel stayed quiet until Monday. The late-night host aired the clip and thought the video was hilarious but said he is not to blame and joked that maybe the actor was doing voiceover for a cartoon character called Dennis Duck. Quaid kept quite and refused to comment on the video. Then Funny or Die revealed the truth.

“I get grumpy when my hair gets flat,” says a disgruntled Quaid at the end of the original, full length video of the tantrum released on the Funny or Die website today. The new video shows the filming of the cellphone footage and the reason behind many of the slurs thrown by the actor become clear. There are horses, zombies, kittens, an over-flowing waste basket and a baby actually present on the set meaning that the expletives heard in the clip were quite literal.

The video begins with actual news footage of media coverage with Access Hollywood Live, TMZ Live, Fox 2 and other shows discussing the clip. Then it cuts to Jimmy Kimmel Live! where Kimmel talks about all the attention he is getting. Then a message appears on the screen promising to tell viewers what really happened.

The 61-year-old actor is shown trying to deliver his dialogues during a dramatic scene and the director keeps cutting him off. Finally, when Quaid sees the director getting distracted, he gets frustrated. This is the start of the cell phone clip with Quaid yelling at everyone and venting out his frustration. The viral clip ends then but the Funny or Die video shows what happened next.

Quaid then walks into his dressing room and gets his hair blow dried by his stylist. She then asks him whether he had ever been in a Funny or Die video to which he says no. The almost four minute sketch then ends with the disclaimer that Quaid’s career was not affected by his on-screen freakout at all.

Funny or Die tweeted out the video today morning at 10:30 AM writing, “After days of speculation, the truth about Dennis Quaid’s on-set meltdown is finally revealed” and their video has received 330,000 views.

Quaid meanwhile, is busy working on The Art of More, a 10 episode drama series which has been picked up by Sony’s Crackle on Tuesday.

By Anugya Chitransh


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