‘Furious 7’ Hits Global Box Office Gold Along With Tribute to Paul Walker

furious 7

The movie Fast and Furious 7 that includes a heartfelt tribute to Paul Walker, the deceased lead star of the super-successful movie franchise, has hit gold at the international box office. It was a known fact for the fans of the franchise and the late actor that watching this latest installment would be bitter-sweet as well as nostalgic. Many people who watched the movie later shared their experience on various social media websites saying that the final few scenes of Furious 7 choked them up. They said that it took them down a memory lane by showing scenes from the previous six installments of the franchise with stunts and action scenes filmed with Walker.

Furious 7 has set the cash registers ringing at the theaters and multiplexes across the world. It has been reported that the movie has recorded domestic earnings of $146 million in its first weekend itself. The movie was produced by Neal Moritz and Vin Diesel who is also an actor in the franchise. The high-octane car chase action movie that has made history by entering the record books for earnings was directed by James Wan. The film has received the biggest opening ever for the month of April, apart from the best Friday and Saturday collections for Universal Pictures. It has also recorded the highest opening ever for the production house.

furious 7Historically, films that are released close to Good Friday and Easter weekend are known to have done good business at the box office. This was confirmed by the President of Domestic Distribution for Universal Pictures, Nick Carpou, who said that they had originally planned to release the film in the month of July, 2014. However, that looked impossible after the sudden demise of the lead star of the franchise, Paul Walker on November 30, 2013. Releasing Furious 7 with a message for the fans and a tribute to Paul Walker has turned out to be a master-stroke for the franchise as the film has hit box office gold.

Walker was leaving an event for his charity named Reach Out Worldwide for Victims of Typhoon Haiyan with Roger Rodas when they met with an accident. They were in Rodas’s car which was a red 2005 Porsche Carrera GT. The two reportedly crashed into a lamppost and two trees nearby in Valencia, California. The street was apparently a 45 miles per hour (72 km per hour) speed zone. After the crash, the car burst into flames with Walker in the passenger’s seat and his companion Roger Rodas at the steering wheel. Authorities had declared both Walker and Rodas dead at the scene.

Furious 7 also has the ninth-highest opening for a Hollywood film in history. It joins the list of other blockbusters from super successful franchises like Harry Potter, The Avengers, Iron Man, and the Twilight Saga. The DVD release of the film could be a huge revenue generator for the Fast and Furious franchise as it is rumored to have unseen footage of Paul Walker. Work has already started for the eighth installment which is kept under wraps at the moment. However, it has been revealed that the story of the next film will be based and shot in New York. The latest offering of the franchise, Furious 7 has hit global box office gold along with a tribute to Paul Walker who is shown to have ridden into the sunset after quitting the high octane life in the fast lane.

By Ankur Sinha

The Times Of India

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