FYI Introduces New Series ‘The Seven Year Switch’


In a new press release on April 24, FYI announced a new project in the works for the network. The network is known for being innovative, inspirational and embracing of people’s different approaches to look, story, taste and space. Recent series offerings from the network have included, Outback Nation, Arranged, Say It To My Face! and What the Fung?!. In this latest endeavor, FYI is introducing a new series and concept in The Seven Year Switch.

The idea behind The Seven Year Switch is to delve into marriages that have hit that seven year mark. At that point in marriage, many couples find themselves not only dissatisfied, but also restless. For some of these couples it is even a matter of what would happen if they were married to someone else, or if they had chosen a different partner from the very beginning.

With FYI’s latest series idea, four couples at this seven year point in their marriage, will get the chance to experience living with a different partner for two weeks. The arrangement will be a type of experimental marriage. This experiment will be a way to determine the different characteristics and even traits, that a mate would offer, that could make each couple’s real marriage stronger.

In FYI’s new series The Seven Year Switch, the network is introducing four couples, along with two experts in relationships to guide them. The couples will switch partners and basically put the marriages they are currently in, on the line to not only live with a complete stranger, but also eat and sleep with them. The experts will guide the couples throughout the entire process. They will help them to adjust to their new living arrangements with their temporary spouses.

The experiment, which will run for a month, will then have the couples reunite with their spouses. From this point it is up to the couples to make some decisions about their current living situations. These decisions include the idea of going their separate ways and getting a divorce, or renewing their vows and reaffirming the relationships that they have built over the past seven years.

FYI made the announcement of the new series on April 24 and said that production on the show would begin immediately. The SVP of Programming and Development for FYI, Gena McCarthy, issued the news that the series had been given the green light. In her statement, McCarthy said, that FY was carrying on their pioneering of social experiments with this new series. The idea behind the experiment, she said, was to determine if the old adage of “absence makes the heart grow fonder” is really true.

The program is produced for FYI by Kinetic Content. The executive producers for Kinetic Content are Karrie Wolfe, Chris Coelen and Cat Rodriguez. The FYI executive producers for The Seven Year Switch are Liz Fine, as well as McCarthy.

FYI will be introducing their new series, The Seven Year Switch, in the summer of 2015. Each episode will be one hour long, and there will be eight episodes in this first season.

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