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Game of Thrones is having to make a few changes to the book due to catching up, and one actor has talked about how his death was one of them. Many will have already caught up on the premiere of season five, but this does contain spoilers for those who have not seen it yet. For those who do not want to be spoiled, stop reading now.

“All Men Must Die” was the tag for season four, and it soon became clear that Game of Thrones was going to go through with it. The start of the season say the death of Joffrey Baratheon and the final episode saw Tywin Lannister get pulled out of the show, and there were plenty of other deaths between. The idea of all men dying has not left with season five of Game of Thrones. Mance Raydar, the King Beyond the Wall, was the latest to die.

Ciaran Hinds, who plays the character, met a fiery end last night, only merciful thanks to Jon Snow’s arrow. The actor knew that his character would not have long left with Stannis Baratheon turning up at the end of season four, and it was not long until he found out that he would be burned at the stake. David Benioff and Dan Weiss told him in an email before sending out the script, which Hinds said he certainly appreciated.

For many people watching the episode, they may have wondered why the death scene was necessary. While talking book changes and his death, the Game of Thrones actor said that for the character death was the only option. The ultimatum was to bend the knee and accept Stannis as king, but that would mean everything Mance had done up to this point was worthless.

Those who have read the books will know that not much has changed so far for Mance. He is burned at the stake but then returns; as it turns out the burning was a trick. After all, not everyone who dies stays dead in the books. It is not going to be the case for Game of Thrones, at least at the moment. The books need to be changed to suit the 10-episode seasons, as there are too many characters and not enough time.

If Mance does come back, Hinds made it clear that it would not be him. Another actor would come into play him, which could create an interesting storyline. However, he does not believe something like that will happen. There is not the need for the character.

This is not the first time a character has not been brought back from the dead. Weiss and Benioff said at the end of season four that it was unlikely that Catelyn Stark would be brought back at Lady Stoneheart, despite the resurrection of the character in the books. When it comes to the TV show, there needs to be a very good reason to reintroduce a character, and George R.R. Martin has done nothing with Lady Stoneheart yet to justify including her.

Season five kicked off with a lot of excited people. Many people likely saw Mance’s execution come later, but the story tellers have never been ones for dragging something out unnecessarily. The Game of Thrones actor was happy with his death, and the way his story is changing compared to the books.

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