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Game of Thrones

Game of Thrones

Game of Thrones confirmed a popular fan theory with last night’s episode. As a warning, this article contains spoilers for last night’s episode of the show as well as information from the book series A Song of Ice and Fire.

Many fans wondered who would end up marrying Ramsey Bolton, formerly Ramsey Snow. The fake Arya, Jeyne Poole, has not shown up in the series and it looked like she would not do in the coming future. It led to a popular fan theory that Sansa would be the one to marry the sadistic torturer, who is currently residing in Winterfell.

Last night’s episode of Game of Thrones confirmed that was likely to happen. However, there is the possibility that the marriage will never quite happen and there is another plan that Littlefinger has up his sleeve. After all, other fans have wondered whether Littlefinger is working his way into Sansa’s heart to marry her and become the Lord of Winterfell himself. That cannot happen until the Boltons are removed from Winterfell, and this plan seems like the best one for that to happen.

Season five of Game of Thrones has promised to deviate from the books a little more. This has to happen since the TV show is going to get to the end long before George R.R. Martin’s books, and book lovers will be exceptionally annoyed if the A Song of Ice and Fire ending is spoiled through the TV show.

While Game of Thrones has confirmed the popular fan theory that Sansa will marry Ramsey Bolton, many fans heart ached knowing just the type of person this Ramsey is. Some fans will question who would have been worse for her: Ramsey or Jofrey? Both were just as bad as each other.

It will be interesting to see how Theon Greyjoy reacts to this news. He certainly looked like he feared for Sansa at the clips of him during the episode. He knows firsthand just how sadistic Ramsey is, and the damage he could cause to Sansa. Will he defy his master by trying to get Sansa out of the marriage?

So far, it looks like Stanis Baratheon is still focused on marching south from The Wall to Winterfell. It makes sense to recapture the North, getting other banner men to rally behind him to take over King’s Landing. It will likely be without Jon Snow, but he may have extra support when he finds out that Sansa is in Winterfell. Theon could even work with Stanis to get Sansa out of the marriage and become Lady of Winterfell in her own right again.

There are many suspicions out there for Game of Thrones fans who have read the books. One of those is that Sansa will completely take the role of Jeyne, who was put through horrible torture at the hands of Ramsey. Sophie Turner confirmed that there is a traumatic scene, and it looks like this could be setting that up. So far, Game of Thrones has confirmed one popular fan theory but there are many more still to come.

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