Grey’s Anatomy Bringing Back a Plane Crash Storyline?

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Is it possible that Grey’s Anatomy is bringing back a plane crash storyline? It seems unlikely, considering it would be near-impossible to outdo Flight, the season eight season finale, but it looks like the writers are going to try. The episode synopsis for next week’s episode already says that there will be a small plane crash.

This week’s episode of Grey’s Anatomy left many with uncertainty. Derek is missing just after getting on a plane to D.C. The White House called and he never made his meeting, leading to many to speculate that he could be dead. Is it possible that his plane crashed? Surely something like that would have been on the news already, so it is safe to assume that it has not happened.

That does lead to the question of where Derek is. Could he really have gone to break off his affair with the other woman? Was there more to that relationship with his research fellow than he was willing to let on to Meredith? Maybe he is having second thoughts about giving up his dream to be with his family. There are many possibilities, and a plane crash is very likely not one of them.

However, that does not stop Grey’s Anatomy from possibly bring the plane crash storyline back. It was certainly a traumatic event, and the characters are still recovering from it in ways. Meredith did not really want to get close to Maggie, remembering Lexie’s death in Flight. Arizona still has the memory thanks to her prosthetic leg and Callie is essentially a single mom now.

This small plane crash is definitely going to bring up their memories of their time stranded after their own crash. With only Arizona and Meredith there who lived through the events, it will be even harder for them. They only have each other to turn to when it comes to dealing with the trauma from it. Add in the fact that Derek is now missing, it will certainly create a stressful work environment.

The episode is not all about the plane crash, though. One Flight Down is also going to focus more on Owen and Amelia’s relationship. There is still a major will-they-won’t-they storyline playing out between them, and it sparks similarities between Owen and Cristina. Both have baggage and both have pasts that they want to escape, but Amelia does not seem open enough to let Owen help her the way he is willing to let her help him.

The next few weeks is the countdown to the season finale of Grey’s Anatomy. There is still no confirmation over whether it will be renewed for a 12th season, and it looks like Shonda Rhimes is ready for either. Three new characters have been confirmed for the two-part season finale, and they could become series regulars next season if the network green-lights it. Rhimes has always created finales that leave people talking, and season 11 is expected to be no different. The question that many fans have though is whether Grey’s Anatomy will really bring the plane crash storyline back.

Opinion by Alexandria Ingham


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