Grey’s Anatomy: Don’t Dream It’s Over

Grey's Anatomy

Don’t Dream it’s Over picked up Grey’s Anatomy from where last week’s left off. Meredith worried about Derek having an affair, and viewers wondered whether it would be a storyline for the rest of the season. The good news was that some answers were given at the end of the episode.

Meredith spent most of the episode calling Derek. After hearing a woman the episode before, she now just gets voicemail and assumes the worst. She can’t help but think back to meeting him and finding out he had a wife. Of course, things were different at the start of Grey’s Anatomy, as it had turned out his wife had had an affair first with Derek’s best friend.

Meanwhile, the residents cannot help but remind Meredith about her streak, adding extra pressure. A man in a punk rock band turns up in the ER with his pregnant wife after they have been in a car accident. Martin, the man who caused it, is an older man and out of control. He hits Maggie, leading to Bailey suggesting she get a CT scan because of the force of the hit.

It turns out that the episode is close to home for Meredith, Richard and Maggie. Martin has Alzheimer’s, and she had only left him alone for a few minutes. Maggie cannot help but make comments about being responsible caregivers. Ben tries to subtly tell her to shut up, but it is Richard who tells her the full story about Adele. It is later in the episode that she finds out Ellis had it, too, but it turns out Maggie already knew she had the Alzheimer’s gene but had no idea where the gene came from.

There is some good news on Don’t Dream It’s Over, this week’s episode of Grey’s Anatomy. Amelia finds out that it was never Alzheimer’s for Martin after al. He had fluid build-up on the brain, and his ailment can be cured. At first he and his wife are up for it, until he finds out that the pregnant woman died in the accident. He decides he wants to forget it all and wants his wife to leave him.

One would think that the doctors would have brought in a therapist or someone to help. It just seems like an easy and selfish way out on Grey’s Anatomy.

In the meantime, the pregnant woman’s baby is delivered and alive. Jo, who had been performing CPR along with Arizona, gets a wave of sadness and takes off crying. Bailey tells her to stop apologizing for feeling for her patients. It is not weakness, but what makes her an excellent doctor. The baby’s dad survives the accident, too.

At the end of Grey’s Anatomy, Meredith goes home realizing that she has saved 90 patients now, since Derek has been away. There were some great moments between Maggie and Meredith, since the two have become a slight version of Meredith and Cristina, but it was all about the final scene. When Meredith gets home, Derk is there waiting. He simply tells her what had happened, she repeats the line and that is the end of Grey’s Anatomy, Don’t Dream It’s Over.

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