Hillary Clinton’s Next Stop Is New Hampshire


In her 2016 presidential campaign, Hillary Clinton has announced that her next stop is New Hampshire. In her 2008 presidential campaign she found favor from the state, but many are wondering if her strategy in this campaign will help her find the votes for the next election. After leaving Iowa, she plans to continue her “go small” campaign tactics, as the last presidential election showed that Iowa did not approve of her large publicity and flashy style. With a difficult past in winning over democrats in these states it is yet to be seen whether or not she can win them over this time around. If she can win votes from the democrats, she must also win over male voters who are often opposed to a woman president.

Clinton is schedule to visit New Hampshire on Monday and Tuesday, according to a source. Her plan is to discuss her strategy for making the economy work for average Americans. Clinton will also apparently sit down with educators, small business owners, and employees who work in the state of New Hampshire. Her private meetings will be held with activists, community leaders, and officials who hold office in the state. Her “go small” tactics will change the way that she did her campaign in 2008, where people often found her impersonal and unwilling to represent their views. Now her strategy is to make her campaign more personal by discussing what voters find most important and downsizing the amount of followers, campaign staff and media. Perhaps that means that Clinton truly is listening to the voters, as she is changing her ways to respond to the complaints voters made about her 2008 campaign.

According to sources, the type of campaign strategy used in New Hampshire will be exactly like the one Clinton used in Iowa. On this trip, Clinton has the opportunity to win over voters, more so than in Iowa, because she already has some pull with voters in New Hampshire. Sources state that she rallied for some officials in that state before the election occurred in 2014, showing her support for the state. New Hampshire will be the second trip for Clinton following her trip to Iowa, as she gears up her presidential campaign. With so many good opponents Clinton will have to win over many voters across the U.S., in order to win the presidential election. As she lost the majority to President Obama in 2008, this year with Obama not running political activists are stating that she could possibly win. However, with so many voters opposed to Obama’s presidential tactics, voters may be swayed to vote for a Republican, this time around.

As Clinton continues to make announcements on her views on American life, it seems that she has changed her perspective of many issues. As she plans to discuss her views personally in her private sessions, Clinton may just gain the support she needs. With her next stop being New Hampshire, the state that gave her the majority vote in 2008 and also provided much support for Bill Clinton, she may have a very successful addition to her campaign trips, to be elected for president. As every state has their own way of doing things, campaign staff have stated that it is very important that she listen to voters and make speeches that reflect each state. As of now, Hillary has not yet confirmed which state she will visit after New Hampshire.

By Crystal Boulware


Washington Post

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