J. Paul Getty’s Grandson, Andrew, Dies of Medical Condition

Andrew Getty, the grandson of oil magnate J. Paul Getty, died on March 31. He was discovered collapsed, naked from the waist down, with significant blunt force trauma to his rectal region. Early reports said that he had been found near a bathroom. Though, later reports say he was found in the bathroom. All reports agree that he was found by his ex-girlfriend Lanessa Grace DeJonge, a 5’9″ model with whom he had a troubled relationship. Moreover, he was surrounded by a substantial amount of blood when DeJonge found him.

According to court records, Getty was granted a restraining order against DeJonge just two weeks ago. One of the reasons that he was granted the restraining order was that he claimed DeJonge frequently used his medical condition as a means to acquire money and property. He also informed the court that on at least one occasion she refused to leave his house after he asked her to do so. This was despite the fact that she knew that was causing his blood pressure to rise was dangerous to him due to an undisclosed ailment.

In August, there was an incident between himself and DeJonge. Getty alleged that she “became deranged” and was “arguing with imaginary people”, as well as himself and another woman. However, he reached his breaking point when DeJonge allegedly kicked and hit him repeatedly and threw “everything” out of a car two weeks ago.

After almost a week of investigation, police suspect that Andrew Getty, grandson of oil magnate J. Paul Getty, died of sudden ulcer complications. He is suspected to have undergone a worsening of his condition, wherein the ulcer he had been undergoing treatment for, since 2013. The mysterious condition outlined in court records. It evolved into a much worse condition called gastrointestinal perforation. This rare condition involves complete penetration of the colon, small intestines, gallbladder, rectum, esophagus, or wall of the stomach. When that occurs, the entirety of the GI tract then moves into the abdomen. If gastrointestinal perforation is not treated immediately by surgery, it will be fatal. This explains the over one liter of blood lost, as well as the trauma his body had experienced when DeJonge found him.

According to friends, Getty’s difficult relationship with DeJonge was typical of his romantic relationships. “He was addicted to train wrecks,” the heir’s longtime friend Noelle Leanne recalled. He always had some starving “poor me” girl staying with him.” According to Leanne, Getty enjoyed playing the role of savior and trying to help others.

Perhaps this need to help was because Getty, despite his wealth, had not really accomplished anything of note in his 47 years. He studied engineering and film at both the University of Southern California and New York University.  He had written hundreds of unproduced scripts. Over the last few years, he mostly remained in his mansion partying with troubled women who he aspired to help. In the end, though, even J. Paul’s millions could not save his grandson, the late Andrew Getty, from dying of his worsening medical condition.

By Martina Robinson

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