Jimmy Fallon Interviews Kristen Wiig as Khaleesi From ‘Game of Thrones’

Jimmy Fallon

The Tonight Show had some amazing guests on tonight, like Kristen Wiig from Masterminds, who he interviewed in her guise as the character, Khaleesi, from Game of Thrones. The video clip of the interview is below! Jimmy Fallon’s second guest, Thomas Middleditch, stars in HBO’s Silicon Valley. The musical guest on the Tonight Show was the wonderful singer, Josh Groban. The house band, The Roots, was great, as usual.

Jimmy Fallon began the show by doing his monologue. He said that “There are reports that Democratic Senator, Bernie Sanders, of Vermont, is expected to announce tomorrow that he will be running for President against Hillary.” He played a clip of Sanders giving a speech, and said “You notice that he kind of uses his hands a lot.” Then, Fallon had some recording of classical music played, which made it look as if Sanders was a conductor. “You’ll notice, he conducts himself well.”

Jimmy Fallon also joked about Vice President Joe Biden being the “go-to candidate of the Democratic party, if Hillary is not chosen. Hillary said that was a great reason to choose her.” Jimmy Fallon then talked about nobody coming to see him when he played Little League baseball, and The Roots played some sad music. Fallon showed a clip from the tourism board of South Dakota, that had the line “Why die on Mars? Come live in South Dakota.”

Fallon said he heard “A 91-year-old in the U.K. got married to a man who was 101 years old. They plan to spend the rest of the week together.”

At his desk, Jimmy Fallon mentioned that tomorrow night, Scarlett Johansson, from Avengers: Age of Ultron will be on. Then, he said that Kristen Wiig will be on the show tonight, and from HBO’s Silicon Valley, Thomas Middleditch will be on. The musical artist on the Tonight Show will be Josh Groban.

Jimmy Fallon said “This is Wednesday, and time to catch up with the top songs of the week, and the bottom of the charts. At number 97, there’s I Really, Really, Really, Really, Really, Really, Really Like You. At Number 98 is — we have Um, Um, Um, Um, by Tom Brokaw. At Number 99 is YMCA, by the Village Idiot People. Finally, at Number 100, is My Own Worst Enemy, by Pee Wee Herman.” After he announced each of the songs, Fallon played some of them. They were pretty funny.

After a commercial break, Jimmy Fallon did his “Tonight Show Audience Suggestion Box” segment. One suggestion he read was to have The Roots send an audience member a video of The Roots without sound and then add noises and music to it. Fallon said that he had seen examples of this on the Internet called “The Shreds.” That was a funny video. Then, another suggestion was to have everybody on Mad Men have “Butt Chins.” Fallon showed a clip of just that.

Yet another suggestion was to have The Roots bandleader, Questlove, wear a Go Pro on his head. Then, Fallon read off a suggestion about the Kentucky Derby. “I wonder if you have a way of predicting which horse will win?” was asked by an audience member.

Jimmy Fallon said that he did have a way, using puppies. Puppies would predict the winner, by going to a trough of kibble. The puppies had jerseys on, like horses, with numbers and colors representing the actual horses that will be running. Whichever puppy reached the trough first would predict which horse would be the winner. One of the puppies, Gary, was asleep at his gate. The puppy representing American Pharaoh made it to the trough first. Fallon said American Pharaoh would also be the winning horse.

Following a commercial break, host Jimmy Fallon introduced his first guest of the episode, the actress and comedienne, Kristen Wiig. Well…it was Kristen, but dressed up like the character Khaleesi from Game of Thrones, and Fallon said that he would be interviewing her, first.

Fallon said “Khaleesi, of course, means ‘Queen.'”

“Yes, yes, it does,” Wiig said.

“What is your real name?” he asked.

“Karen,” she said. She told Fallon that she “lived in the forest, with all of my dragons.”

“This is one of them,” Fallon said, indicating the toy one perched on her shoulder. “Does he have a name?”


Jimmy Fallon said “Here’s some ‘Rapid-Fire Questions.’ Favorite food?”

“Meat,” she replied.

“Favorite greeting?”


“What are your hobbies?” Fallon asked her.

“I play the mandolin and put spells on people. I also have been doing some stand-up,” Wiig/Khaleesi answered him.

“Would you do some for us?” he asked.

“I don’t know if you would get it,” she said.

That was just some of what she and Fallon said to each other. Fallon then showed a clip from Kristen’s movie, and then she sang a funny song about her dragon, Carl, and other things going on in her life.

Jimmy Fallon

After more commercials, Jimmy Fallon introduced Thomas Middleditch, who is one of the stars of HBO’s Silicon Valley. “Thank you for coming on my show. You’re a very funny guy, a very cool guy,” Fallon said.

Middleditch brought some photos to show, of when he was a young boy. He talked about the first photo, of him with blond hair, a toy figure of Fonzie and one rotten tooth showing. The next photo showed Thomas with green spiky hair and wearing a leather jacket.

Talking about the series, Silicon Valley, Jimmy Fallon said “Gosh, it makes me laugh!” Fallon asked Middleditch what the series was about, and they discussed it. Middleditch was pretty humorous, making Fallon crack up. Then, the Tonight Show headed to yet another commercial break.  Jimmy Fallon

Jimmy Fallon introduced Josh Groban, saying that he has sold over 40 million records world-wide. Fallon said “Here he is, singing Anthem off of his latest album, Stages, give it up for Josh Groban!”

Josh was great, singing it as if it was a mini-opera. He had violinists behind him, and a fairly large chorus of background singers. It was a very dramatic performance, showcasing Groban’s immense musical talents and vocal ability to their fullest.

Jimmy Fallon’s guests on the Tonight Show were the highly entertaining and humorous Kristen Wiig and the actor Thomas Middleditch, one of the stars of HBO’s Silicon Valley. Kristen Wiig was interviewed by Jimmy Fallon as the character, Khaleesi, from the hit series, Game of Thrones. The musical artist on the Tonight Show was Josh Groban.

Written By Douglas Cobb

Jimmy Fallon Interviews Kristen Wiig as Khaleesi From Game of Thrones

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