Jimmy Fallon Plays Charades With Michael Douglas and Kat Dennings

Jimmy Fallon

On the Tonight Show, host Jimmy Fallon had on a couple of fantastic guests to start out the week. Michael Douglas was on, from the movie Beyond the Reach, for the first time ever, and Kat Dennings, from 2 Broke Girls. Later in the episode, Michael Douglas and a couple of surprise guests played Charades with Jimmy Fallon. His musical guest was St. Vincent.

After Fallon did his monologue, he mentioned upcoming guests. Then, Jimmy Fallon introduced tonight’s guests, saying that  “Michael Douglas and I will be playing Charades later in the show with some surprise guests.” He also said that Kat Dennings would be another guest, and the musical guest will be St. Vincent.

Then, he did his “Picture This” comedy segment. Fallon showed a caption from two different people and then showed the pictures that they posted. It was pretty funny, but a segment that was very visual, and had to be seen to really appreciate.

After a commercial break, Jimmy Fallon welcomed Michael Douglas to the show. Fallon said “I almost met you once.” Fallon said he and The Roots were in a parade, and Michael Douglas called down from a window at Central Park West, “Hey, Jimmy!”

Michael Douglas talked about the very first time he was on the Tonight Show, 43 years ago. He said that he was “terrified, just frozen,” when he came out onto the stage.

“You look tremendous! You just turned 70 years old?” Fallon asked.

“Yeah,” Michael said. Fallon wished him “Congratulations!”

Michael said he changed his diet to one that was gluten-free, and he dropped 8 pounds. “Seventy is the new 50,” he said. He talked about his wife, and also mentioned the movie, Ant Man, that he is starring in.

Jimmy Fallon said “Your first Academy Award that you won was for producing One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest,” and they talked about it. Douglas’s father had wanted to be cast in the role that Jack Nicholson got.

In Beyond the Reach, Michael Douglas plays a villain. “It’s so much fun! There’s no restrictions!” Michael Douglas said. He told Fallon that in the movie, he was a successful West Coast big game hunter, who enjoyed hunting big horn sheep. In a clip that was shown, Douglas shows his displeasure at someone who “reneged on a deal.” Michael Douglas looked pretty threatening in the clip. It should be a cool movie.

Jimmy Fallon

Back from another break, host Jimmy Fallon played Charades with Michael Douglas. Jon Cryer, from Two and a Half Men, was one of the surprise guests who played, as was Kat Dennings, from 2 Broke Girls. “The fifth round is the Charade Showdown. Whichever team gets it first, gets two points,” Fallon said.

Michael Douglas went first. He tried to get people to guess “Macarena,” and Jon Cryer guessed it correctly. Then, Jimmy Fallon tried to get Kat to guess “House of Cards.” He, also, was successful. Jon Cryer then had to try to get Michael Douglas to guess “Pretty in Pink,” a movie Cryer had starred in. Douglas got “Pretty” right, but had trouble getting the rest, and he did not guess it in time.

Next, Kat Dennings was up, and she picked “Spongebob Squarepants.” Fallon got “pants” correct, and he eventually figured out the full answer. Michael Douglas and Jimmy Fallon then tried to be the first to get their partners to guess “Of Mice and Men.” Kat Dennings somehow managed to be the first person to guess the answer, and she and Fallon won the game. The Tonight Show then headed to more commercials.

Jimmy Fallon

After the break, Tonight Show host, Jimmy Fallon, introduced the show’s second guest, actress Kat Dennings, star of 2 Broke Girls. “Thank you for playing Charades!” Fallon said.

“That was my pleasure!” Kat said. Fallon was still hyped up that Kat guessed “Of Mice and Men” correctly, getting them the win. Kat said “I’m so excited to be here!”

“We love the show 2 Broke Girls!” Jimmy Fallon said.

“I was a big comedy nerd as a child,” Kat said. She memorized Steve Martin’s comedy albums, and did the routines when she was just four. “I also loved Monty Python,” Kat said. “I’m glad I didn’t wind up in some childhood institution because I did a lot of weird stuff,” she said. She had a toy phone plugged into her bellybutton, and talked into a mirror, for one example.

Kat told Fallon that the show 2 Broke Girls was on hiatus, and she spent a lot of time on the Internet. She read that coffee could be used to dye her hair. She poured about ten cups of instant coffee on her head, and she felt the coffee going through her pores, giving her a caffeine rush; but, her hair did not change its color.

Jimmy Fallon

When the Tonight Show returned, Jimmy Fallon introduced the episode’s musical guest, St. Vincent. She sang a song off of her latest self-titled album. St. Vincent is the fourth studio album by the singer, St. Vincent, whose real name is Annie Clark. The album has been critically acclaimed, and the song sounded pretty amazing.

The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon had on a couple of wonderful guests to start out the week, veteran actor, Michael Douglas, and 2 Broke Girls star, Kat Dennings. They both took part with host Jimmy Fallon and actor, Jon Cryer, in a cool game of Charades. Then, St. Vincent concluded the show with a song off of her self-titled album.

Written By Douglas Cobb

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