Leonardo DiCaprio, an Actor of Characters, and Hero of the Ecosystem


Leonardo DiCaprio is well-known throughout the acting world for portraying memorable characters, but he is also known as a modern hero of the Ecosystem. Like many such famous actors who realize that their fame can be used for good as well as money, DiCaprio has recently been speaking out about the problems that face the world. Namely, how governments can make small changes to their policies and save the world for decades to come.

Over a decade ago, using his own funds, the eco-activist bought an island off the coast of Belize known as Blackadore Caye. DiCaprio has since loaned his name and finances to building an Eco-friendly resort on his island. On this island, DiCaprio is in the process of building an eco-friendly resort for guests who want to vacation and feel as if they are not destroying the world as they do so. He has partnered with New York’s realty mogul Paul Scialla to pursue this hotel venture.

Considering the lack of such vacation spots in the world, this resort looks to be one of the most popular in existence. Take a week off from life and not leaving a carbon footprint seems to many like a great idea for those who care about the world. Though the potential price of renting a room has yet to be discussed, those with enough capital can buy a villa on the island for $15,000,000. This price seems extravagant for many without the means, but who knows where the renting price will fall in the future.

DiCaprio, though a celebrated actor who has been in the entertainment business for more than two decades, has never won an Oscar. Though films he has played in have received nominations, thus far the actor has yet to win one himself. This is shocking to much of the entertainment world considering the films he has played a part in. Such movies as Inception, The Wolf of Wall Street, and What’s Eating Gilbert Grape have all won a place in the hearts of fans the world over, but have failed to recognize the performance of the well-known actor. DiCaprio holds no grudges, and is happy to have been able to play the parts he has, he wears his humility as a coat and can see every acting role as a sunrise waiting to be recognized.

The lead-architect of the resort, Jason McLennan, says, “Our goal is to create something unique, no tiki-huts or an image of a Hawaiian getaway, but keep the history of the Mayan culture alive while adding a touch of modernism.” One of the features of this eco-resort is that plastic bottles will be banned. Many see this approach as a slap in the face of consumerism, which is great to see coming from an actor who has more wealth than most of “middle class America” combined.

The villas that will go for $15 million will be built atop artificial reefs and aquatic shelters, thereby helping to make life a natural part of the experience. This “restorative” living venture is not meant to cater to the restorative properties of those who stay on the island, but speaks to the island itself. The waters surrounding Blackadore Caye were heavily fished to the point that few species can now be found. By making the surrounding island waters private, it is hoped that the aquatic life can replenish itself, given time.

DiCaprio has said of the eco-resort, “Our main focus is to do something that can help change the world”. This is a bold statement, but one that many throughout the world have attempted to make good on. DiCaprio spoke at the United Nation’s (U.N.) Climate Summit gathering in 2014, in which he begged the world to pay attention and change so future generations have a planet to live on, as opposed to a wasteland portrayed in Mad Max. His speech to the U.N. when posted on YouTube received over 600,000 hits on one YouTube channel alone, hundreds of thousands more were viewed on separate channels. DiCaprio, the master-actor of characters and celebrity-hero of the planet, has set 2018 as the date that his eco-resort will open.

By Benjamin Johnson


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Photo by John Gillespie – flickr license

Photo by Jim Entler – flickr license

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