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Microsoft Corporation

Microsoft Corporation debuted in its ongoing Build Conference 2015 in San Francisco, its new web browser, Microsoft Edge. The all-new browser comes with Windows 10 and offers a better web experience. Users can directly write on webpages, share mark-ups, and read articles without distraction, online or offline. Microsoft Edge is created to work the way the user does.

Microsoft Corporation has been creating better versions of Internet Explorer, to address its inadequacies. This time, it is going up to a new level and renames the IE successor with a fresh title, Microsoft Edge. Microsoft Corporation first disclosed its plans for a new browser in January, under the placeholder name, Project Spartan. The revelation of the new name during the Build Conference for the Windows 10 browser did not come as a complete surprise, since the company calls its rendering engine for the Windows 10 browser, EdgeHTML.

While Microsoft Corporation debuts it new browser Microsoft Edge, its old browser will stay for the enterprise clientele. Designed to be fundamentalist and minimalist, Microsoft Edge has built-in reader, digital ink annotation, note-taking and sharing, as well as, Windows digital assistant, Cortana. Microsoft Corporate VP OS Group, Joe Belfiore said on the Build stage that Microsoft Edge will be Windows 10’s default and primary browser and the one to be used to surf the Web in their next operating system.

The world of tech is aware that IE will expire, and that a successor will surface. No one had an idea what it will be called, aside from placeholder Project Spartan. The Verge observes that though a leap to the future, Microsoft Edge seems not to get away with the past, as it still has the “e” icon, looking like a shadow of the IE halo.

The new browser specifically created for Microsoft Edge looks clean. It will have a new tab page, which is in the address bar in the middle. It also has top sites, as well as the available user information and app. Web extensions created by using Javascript and HTML will be just fine with the new browser, while extensions for Chrome can work with Edge, with minimal code adjustments.

According to The Next Web who had the chance to “hands-on” with Microsoft Edge, the Windows 10 browser was Redmond’s new product that everyone could relate amidst the highly-technical perspectives in the Build Conference. It calls the Windows 10 browser the epitome of Microsoft Corporation’s general strategy – a collection of all the major functions.

Microsoft Edge has built-in functions pertinent to Windows 10 and seems to assume that users will work with some hybrid laptops, such as, Microsoft Surface or HP Spectre. The upper right hand area has most of the controls. Clicking or tapping will add stories to a reading list, while using the star icon makes it a favorite and clicking the icon will activate the inking function.

The Reader impressed those who had checked on the browser and when the user wants to explore to a page with a discreet story to trigger the reader icon, it gives an easy-to-read and clean layout, sans the ads, plus the function to change font sizes and backgrounds. The new Inking function allows directly drawing on the Web page with a stylus, a pen, a highlighter or the user’s finger. The annotated pages can be saved to OneNote, or stay in Favorites.

Microsoft Corporation debuts new browser Microsoft Edge, and it comes along with Cortana, which can answer the questions verbally as it has settings that give options if the user wants to activate voice so it will be audible. Bing is Cortana’s back end, which also works with both voice and text.

By Judith Aparri

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Photo courtesy of Domenico – Creativecommons Flickr License

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