Mother’s Day Is Fast Approaching

mother's day

Mother’s Day is fast approaching and campaigns around the world are reminding people to express their love for their mothers and make them feel special.The Huffington Post mentioned a Hallmark Campaign that is gaining attention. In Hallmark’s Mother’s Day ads, they are encouraging people to describe the love and gratitude that they have for their mothers. What the participants did not know was that their mothers were listening the whole time to their conversations.

One woman described her mother as someone who teaches her every day. Another women described her mother as her soul mate in that she has never connected with anyone the way she has with her mother. Hallmark also sat down with Alana and her mom Lisa. Lisa has been a single mom to Alana. Alana said that her mom is her guiding light and without her she would be lost. Lisa was very touched by the sentiment expressed by her daughter according to the Huffington Post.

The Liquidation Channel (LC) began its Mother’s Day campaign on Monday, April 27th. This event will start on Monday, April 27th and will end on Mother’s Day, May 10th. The event will be called Celebrate Mother’s Day and feature two full weeks of great savings on hundreds of wonderful gift ideas as mentioned on Steamfeed. There will be savings of up to 80% on gemstones, jewelry, and lifestyle products. This campaign will alleviate the stress of finding the perfect gift for your mom and makes things a little easier. The event will be filled with new arrivals, tons of daily specials, and great deals on special gemstones.

The goal of this campaign is to celebrate moms regardless of what generation they are from. LC also wants to celebrate different style moms as well. LC feels that each customer will find the ideal gift that is suitable for their special kind of mother for Mother’s Day. The campaign is meant to make mothers feel special and loved according to Steamfeed and also to point out that mothers should be honored every day and not just one day.

UN Women, which is a global champion for women and girls started a unique campaign. The Mother’s Day campaign focuses on how you should not only thank your mom but be proud of her and show the world exactly why. Think Marketing Magazine pointed out that actions speak louder than words and one has to show their mom that they love her and are proud of her. Thanking someone is simply not enough. How you treat a person goes a lot further in terms of making them aware how you feel.
Mother’s Day is just around the corner and campaigns for the holiday are all over the place. Some of the campaigns are more well-known than others, but ultimately they have the power to inspire. It can be challenging at times to find a suitable gifts for Mother’s Day and such campaigns can help to give people ideas and make them aware of the true importance of mothers and the holiday itself.
By Heather Granruth

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