Nepal Earthquake Topples Building as Man Barely Escapes [Video]

The news out of Nepal does not seem to show signs of improvement as the area is still rocked by aftershocks of the original earthquake from Apr. 25, 2015. Video released of the damage caused by earthquakes and aftershocks in Nepal now shows a man barely escaping certain doom as a building falls into the street due to the Earth’s earthquake trauma.

Looking to the right side of the video, a man is moving a cart slowly down the street at the ten second mark of the video. The street is already moving violently due to the aftershock, and a building begins to collapse to the right. At the last moment, the man on the cart sees this and jumps to his left to avoid getting hit by the top of the building. The building crashes just behind him, as a plume of dust and debris fills the air. People scurry around the wreckage to help those that were inside the building, and the man is found laying in the street, apparently injured, but not fatally. Fortunately, the area has many people to assist and bring immediate aid to those directly affected by this calamity of nature.

This video of the man barely escaping the earthquake with his life gives a window into the daily lives of those dealing with these natural disasters in Nepal, and the damage not limited to this country. Neighboring countries like China, India, Bangladesh have all reported fatalities due to these earthquakes. Aftershocks are reported to have reached as high as 6.7 on the Richter Scale, causing additional damage throughout the already weakened area. India has enacted a new initiative, known as Operation Maitri, to lend aid to Nepal while moving Indian people and other citizens from the critical areas.

The earthquake and its aftereffects are believed to have taken the lives of over five thousand Nepalese, according to the countries officials. These estimates may eventually reach ten thousand, as hopes for finding survivors still alive in affected areas dim. One man recently rescued from wreckage said he drank his own urine in order to stay hydrated and survive the ordeal. Moreover, people have been found to survive after up to eighty hours trapped in fallen rubble.

Getting aid to the affected areas has proven to be a challenge, with conflicting reports of the effectiveness of these endeavors. There has been widespread anger in the streets from Nepalese residents looking for food, water and medical supplies. The U.N. has sanctioned over four hundred million dollars in relief aid to be sent to Nepal, as almost three million people are said to be directly affected by these tremors, causing displacement. As many as eight million people may need aid in the coming months.

Millions are in need of food and water urgently, and over 70,000 homes have been destroyed by the earthquakes, like the building that toppled into the street, nearly killing a man in the video below, in preliminary estimates, but this number is expected to increase greatly as more is learned about the extent of the damage. Hospitals are also problem areas, as the amount of those in need of medical assistance has overwhelmed the system, forcing many to get treatment in the street.

By Evander Smart


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