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There are any number of reasons why one might use a blog or create a post for one. Businesses might use them to interact with customers, authors might use them to update fans about their work and other people might use them to earn money or just as a way to get their thoughts or ideas across to a larger audience. Blogging is all about getting a message across and honing one’s writing abilities. If an individual is using the posts to earn money or even just to get their work out to the public, it is important to perfect the blog posts.

Although blogging might be considered an easy thing, in order to make it successful, there are small details and simple concepts that can be applied to get the most out of every post. Quality is important even in this style of writing. While posts can be written in either first or second person, it is still important to have fresh and accurate content with strong grammar and writing.

These posts are a platform to get one’s writing out to the public, and making sure what is in the body of the work is high quality and perfected to appeal to readers is vital to success. Google is looking for quality in the content that they promote. This means that blogs that offer up what they are looking for, will ultimately get better visibility via Google searches.

As with any type of writing, blogging is work. It requires work to get posts created and posted. There is work that goes into promotion and developing ideas. Every aspect of a blog is essentially a business.

The greatest impact on reach and quality, will come from paying attention to details. These posts will only do well if the individual writer is willing to take the time to think about what they want to write about. Brainstorming for a post is vital to getting strong content written. Asking questions or even gathering questions from others, and then researching the answers or compiling answers that are already known, is a great way to start to build content.

Once there is a direction to the individual posts, just start writing. Although quality is vital, one cannot have quality if there is no quantity. Write everything down and then edit it after. Editing as one is writing is not a bad thing, but it can slow down the writing process, and ultimately hurt the content. Get it all written down, and then go back and fix any errors or mistakes.

Get inspired by the world. Individuals interact with many different aspects of life on a constant basis. Every single thing that a person interacts with is a source of writing inspirations. Technology, television programs, dogs, the neighbors, one’s family, every one of these things is inspiration in some form or another. Life is inspiring, so get creative and get inspired.

The more inspired a person is, the more words can fill a page. Word count can have a direct impact on placement with Google. In a blog post, having longer posts can be beneficial to success. It is also important that those words and that content, are rich in information. When necessary, back up the information with facts, and site the sources used. This keeps the work factual and rich in vibrant content.

Since posts can be written in first or second person, the writing should be written in an active voice with a positive spin. No matter what the content of the post, keep the words positive and engaging. Keep the readers on the page by painting a picture with the words.

The more one writes different blog posts, the more the craft can be perfected. Writing is as much a craft as painting. Instead of using canvas with colors, the words are the paint and the screen is the canvas. The more that is written and described, the more likely that readers will feel engaged with the content and keep coming back for more.

By Kimberley Spinney


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