Pretty Little Liars Season Finale: Welcome to the Dollhouse [Recap/Review]

Pretty Little Liars

Welcome to the Dollhouse promised one thing for the Pretty Little Liars season finale. There was definitely going to be a Big A reveal. Whether it was going to be who Big A actually was just for the audience, or whether there was going to be a big reveal to the Liars themselves was still up for debate. In the end, the episode did not disappoint, but may not have made up for the slow season.

The big reveal was received with mixed reviews in the end. While finally giving a name, it is one that people have never even heard of. However, those who believed there was a twin theory may have been right in some way. There was another big reveal for Pretty Little Liars fans; something that the show has been hinting towards. Mona is very much alive!

The season finale of Pretty Little Liars kicked off with all four girls now behind bars, and Ali there permanently for the time being. Hanna tells her friends everything they need to know about getting information, but it is only time for crazy to start happening on the outside. A van crashes and the girls are kidnapped. It looks like they are in their own rooms, but they are really in a dollhouse. A has them trapped! It starts to feel like an old episode of Are You Afraid of the Dark, and it soon gets creepier by the minute with cameras to catch everything.

Welcome to the Dollhouse quickly adds more crazy to the season finale of Pretty Little Liars. A blonde-haired figure reveals herself to be Mona, except she calls herself Alison. Hanna is not willing to play along, though. After Hanna’s tantrum, it all goes back to normal and the girls go to sleep. Mona gets into her room and they have three minutes to finally tell the truth. She tells Hanna about all the escape routes that she has tried and tells them about all the things that A will do if the girls are not in their rooms when the power comes back on.

On the outside, Caleb, Ezra and Toby work with Spencer’s parents to unmask A and find out the truth. Mrs. Hastings even tells Melissa everything, and Andrew listens into the conversation. This is obviously setting something up for season six, and it is possible that he is A without it really being shared.

Caleb finally gets to hack the security cameras, since Lt. Tanner is still not really taking all the information at face value. She is still sure that the girls are up to something. Of course, Mr. Hasting asks the question that Pretty Little Liars fans have been asking for years; how do four teenagers evade the police for so long?

In the dollhouse, the girls get invitations to Melissa and Ian’s prom, and Spencer realizes that she can put the cameras together to short the electrical system. The Pretty Little Liars get into some fake arguments as a distraction so Mona can get to work. Spencer realizes that all the letters in the playroom spell out Charles, and that is when the reveal comes. A is Charles—whoever that is.

There is soon another link to Andrew, who could be Charles, when the parents get the boyfriends to The Old Campbell Farm. Andrew’s last name is Campbell, and they soon find A’s lair. Tanner replays the tapes to find out all about the big secret the girls have been hiding, and she finds out that Mona is really alive.

Spencer ends up in a vault that Mona never reached, and sees a film of Mrs. DiLaurentis with twin boys. Jason is one of the boys and the second one is someone that nobody even knew existed. Could it be Charles/Andrew?

For many, the big reveal was overhyped. It was disappointing to find out that there is another character that has only just been introduced. Sure, Charles could be Andrew, but it is still another character to add to the list from the season finale, Welcome to the Dollhouse, in time for Pretty Little Liars season six.

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