Seeing ‘Home’ With Friends Makes a Difference

HomeHome is one of those movies that seems to be getting a number of negative reviews for being the typical cartoon movie fare. While it may be the usual type of story that Hollywood has been producing for the last few years, there are some redeeming moments that make it worth watching. If an adult is planning to go see Home for themselves, then definitely going with friends will make all the difference.

There is something to be said for experiencing movies with others. It is about connecting with someone else, while also getting to share the mutual enjoyment in whatever film is being watched. Even the worst movie is better with company, because there will always be moments to talk about afterwards. That moment that has you looking over to the other person to see if it got to them in the same way, or maybe the one that induces a whispered conversation, these are the moments that make going to the movies worth the experience.

Going to see Home with friends, did make a difference because it was fun, even during those moments that made us wonder what we were watching. Listening to my friend Haden on one side of me saying he wanted his own alien to take home, just made it that much more fun because I knew he was enjoying himself. It might have been a kids movie, but as adults, we can still appreciate the fun and innocence of these types of films.

There were of course the previews, with all of us wanting to see some of the coming movies, such as Pan and The Peanuts Movie. Then there was the fact that we were in a mostly empty theater with just a small family with a few children. It is these simple things that started that fun theater experience.

When the movie started, the introduction to who the alien characters were, was narrated by Jim Parsons, who played a Boov named Oh. From the start, the audience learns quite early on that Oh is different from the other Boov. He is overly friendly and he wants the others to be his friend. Sadly, Oh is really an outcast because of this. The other Boov do not really understand him or his quirkiness. When the Boov arrive on Earth, Oh believes that things will be different. In his new home, Oh tries to have a house-warming party, but no one shows up and in fact they even hide from him.

In an effort to get people to attend his house-warming party, Oh accidentally sends out an invite that leaves him on the run from his own people. This is how he meets, Gratuity ‘Tip’ Tucci, voiced by Rihanna. Tip is trying to find her mother since they were separated when the Boov arrived on the planet. While their first meeting is not the best, the two begin to connect and Oh helps Tip with her search for her mother.

As these two unlikely friends set off on an adventure across the planet, Oh learns what home really is and exactly what friendship should be. Perhaps the best reason to see Home with friends, is because that really is what is at the core of the movie. It is about appreciating the friends and family we have and remembering that being different is not a bad thing.

Both Parsons and Rihanna did a great job in their roles, and in making the characters not only believable, but also loveable. Parsons was especially fun in the role of Oh, as he seemed to even channel a bit of his The Big Bang Theory character, Sheldon Cooper. There were some great moments during the film with the music, which were all songs from Rihanna. The movie had those cute, quirky moments that made this funny and feel-good, as well.

While, I may not want to run out and buy this movie for my DVD collection, it was definitely worth watching Home, especially with friends. Getting a chance to sit in a theater with two other people, and watch a children’s movie as an adult is one of those experiences that reminds us that we are all kids at heart.

Opinion by Kimberley Spinney


Jim Parsons Photo by Dominick D – Flickr License

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