South African Immigrants Bring Upheaval Into the Nation

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South Africa

South African President Jacob Zuma has delivered a few abhorrent remarks to the public in regards to the upheaval in the nation, blaming it on the immigrants from the surrounding countries. President Zuma said that South Africa does contribute to the chaos, but believes that the nations along their borders only make the situation that much more volatile. Zuma made the claim that his country does not bring in the foreign nationals, and altogether questions why it is they visit his territory.

Zuma reported that many of those who travel to his nation stated they each had grievous, and alarming allegations regarding their home countries. Zuma’s cabinet committee followed his public speech with an official announcement of their own. They will be traversing through the nations around South Africa’s borders, hoping to build upon the diplomatic brotherhood they should have, starting with the nations whose people have felt the biggest impact of the attacks.

Zuma’s speech riled up a few of the other government leaders to whom he addressed it toward. Jonathan Moyo, the Information Minister of Zimbabwe, tweeted that he will bring an argument to South Africa’s front door if that is what they want. He then called Zuma’s speech a poor justification for the violence his citizens have suffered. Nigeria is also displeased with South Africa’s rulings, recalling that the nation chastised them for their failure in silencing the Boko Haram terrorists.

Two other neighboring nations, Malawi and Zambia, are summoning South Africa, Nigeria, and Zimbabwe for an international meeting to determine how best to end the internal fighting amongst their people. Chishimba Kambwiri, Zambia’s Information Minister, thinks that the summit is extremely necessary, stating that, alongside Malawi 24 news, that when one of their citizens is harmed, it is exactly how it would be if a Zambian citizen were to be harmed.

Kambwiri, whose own nation supported South Africa in ending their apartheid situation, thinks that they should cease their immigrant xenophobia from adding to this upheaval that threatens to bring down the wavering peace once woven into the five nations. Nigerian media labeled SA “ungrateful” toward the assistance they and Zambia offered them in stopping apartheid.

The main threat to the summit meeting is South Africa itself. If Zuma and his cabinet can calm the entire continent’s citizens, claiming they can solve the issue themselves, then the meeting will be nothing but a slip of paper in a suggestion box. One of the government’s officials gave the media a statement saying that the South African government is on top of the situation, and that the nation is welcoming and guaranteeing it can execute stable business practices.

However, reports of the attacks contradict those claims. Seven foreign nationals have died in the Durban attacks, and an astonishing 5,000 citizens have been removed from the city. For close to two weeks, Durban has been subject to the robbery and vandalism of anything immigrant-owned, shops especially. South African immigrants have been beaten, burned, robbed, and had their livelihoods under assault during this massive upheaval, and the situation will only bring animosity and fear into the nation.

By Matthew Austin Bowers

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