‘Stockholm, Pennsylvania’ Premiers on Lifetime in May


Lifetime is known for their movies that inspire, teach or tell the story of women in some capacity; in Stockholm, Pennsylvania, the network is getting a chance to explore some complex issues based around the aftermath of kidnapping. Stockholm, Pennsylvania is scheduled to premier on the Lifetime network on May 2, 2015. The film follows a family trying to reconnect, after their daughter was kidnapped and then returned home after 17 years. Not only does the daughter have to figure out who she is away from her kidnapper, but her parents are also trying to figure out how they can connect with their daughter, who has been missing most of her life.

The movie focuses on Leia, a young woman who was kidnapped 17 years earlier, and who is found by some miracle, and returned to her parents after all of this time in the hands of the man who took her. Now she is struggling to adjust to her return to her family, and living life outside of the basement that has been her home for so long. Much of Leia’s struggle stems from the fact that after 17 years of living with her captor, Benjamin, she no longer remembers who her parents are. All she truly knows, is her life with this other man as a father-figure, and her time spent in the basement of his home.

StockholmMarcy and Glen Dargon are happy to have their daughter home after all this time, but Leia is missing the man she has looked to as a father. As a mother tries to reconnect with her daughter in a manner that screams desperation, her relationship with her husband starts to unravel. The behavior that Marcy is exhibiting is just as erratic as Leia remembers with Ben, and this is forcing her question her relationships, and what the meaning of being loved really is.

The premier of Lifetime’s Stockholm, Pennsylvania, brings to the small screen a true-to-life scenario, that is easily any parent’s worst nightmare, the loss of a child to kidnapping. The movie stars Emmy Award winner, Cynthia Nixon as Marcy, Golden Globe nominee, Saoirse Ronan as Leia and David Warshofsky as Glen, the family struggling in the aftermath of both the kidnapping and return of a child. Golden Globe nominee, Jason Isaacs stars as Benjamin McKay, the man who kidnapped Leia and raised her for 17 years of her life.

Stockholm, Pennsylvania was directed and written by the first time filmmaker Nikole Beckwith. This was also Beckwith’s directorial debut. The film was produced by Leslie Urdang, Dan Halsted and Greg Ammon.

The May 2 premier of Stockholm, Pennsylvania on Lifetime, comes one week after the movie Cleveland Abduction, which was based on the real story of the women held captive in Cleveland, and were found back in 2013. Both films discuss the trauma of kidnappings, each in their own way. With Stockholm, Pennsylvania, Lifetime looks to have a movie that truly showcases the damage that kidnappings wreak on families, even when the miraculous happens, and that person who is taken is returned alive.

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