Supernatural: Angel Heart [Recap/Review]


Supernatural has a habit of making bittersweet moments, and Angel Heart was one of those episodes. It also seemed to be a spin-off set-up episode, considering Jensen Ackles and Jared Padalecki took a bit more of a backseat this week. The question is whether this idea will fall as flat as the Bloodlines idea did back in season eight.

This week’s episode of Supernatural was centered around Castiel—more importantly his vessel Jimmy Novak. The whole season for Castiel has been about seeing his vessel’s daughter and hearing about the hell that the family went through after his second disappearance in season four. Earlier this season Claire turned up and told him how she had ended up in foster care when her mother Amelia left to find Jimmy, and then found out that Jimmy died and went to Heaven after being blow up in the season five finale.

There were certainly some sweet moments in this week’s episode. Dean had a chance to help Castiel realize that finding Amelia was important for Claire, and he even had a heart-to-heart with Claire herself. There were parallels between the two characters, with Amelia using her mother’s diary to find her similarly to how Dean used his father’s journal to find him when Supernatural began. Castiel and Sam had their own parallel storylines, as Sam has finally learned that he should help family, even when that family does not want to be saved. Considering the way he said he would let Dean die during season nine, this is a major step forward.

Angel Heart did reintroduce Amelia in Supernatural. When she went in search of Jimmy, she came across a faith healer, who turned out to be a Watcher Angel. Tamiel placed Amelia into a coma where she believes she is in Heaven, so he can feed off her soul. There was a very similar method of surviving to the Djinn, introduced back in season two.

Castiel rescues Amelia and there is a moment between the three of them as they are reunited. Of course, that does not last for long on Supernatural. Tamiel wants the soul back and tries to kill Claire to get it. Amelia does something any mother would do, and gets in the way of Tamiel and Claire. Tamiel uses his angel sword—much larger than the regular angel blade—to kill Amelia, bringing back awful memories for Claire. The last time she was in a barn like this, Jimmy almost died; and would have done had he not begged for Castiel to take him rather than Claire.

Claire grabbed the angel sword while Castiel, Dean and Sam fought off Tamiel, and she killed him. However, Amelia could not be saved, with some fans wondering whether her soul was just too weak after the Watcher Angel fed off her. The good news is that she went to the real Heaven in the end, and she got to reunite with Jimmy. There was a prominent part to this as it looks like they both share a Heaven, something Ash previously said only happens with soul mates.

Dean and Sam took Claire to Jody Mills, who has become the protector of wayward kids. It could be a sign that Supernatural is looking for a spin-off with Jody, Claire and Alex off the back of Angel Heart.

Opinion by Alexandria Ingham




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