Supernatural: Book of the Damned [Recap/Review]


If Supernatural is good at one thing, it is remembering fan favorite characters, and Book of the Damned has brought back another one. It is the second time in Season 10 fans got to see Charlie, and this time she is back with some good news. There may be a cure for Dean’s Mark of Cain. Of course, there is always some bad news and as usual, one brother does something behind the back of the others. It just would not be Supernatural without it.

The episode starts with Charlie telling Dean and Sam that she has found the Book of the Damned. It is an ancient spell book and looks promising when it comes to the Mark of Cain. Dean is looking more and more optimistic about this thing, and finding out it was a curse last week has helped with that.

Heading to one of Bobby’s cabins, Sam and Charlie work on translating the book, while Dean researches more about the family that is now on Charlie’s tail. The family turns out to be one that worked with the Nazis, and is really evil. Of course, with a Supernatural twist, Dean is pulled to the Book of the Damned and wants to destroy it rather than use it to help him. When he leaves, he runs into the Steins family and leads them back to the book.

Sam finally admits that hunting is now his life. There is no going back, as much as he would dream of doing. In Book of the Damned, this week’s Supernatural episode, fans even got to see him go back on the things he said in Season nine. He does not want to hunt without Dean, and will do anything to save him.

In the end, Sam agreed with Dean and destroys the book with holy oil. This is the part of one brother going behind the back of the others. Sam never did burn it. Instead, he takes it to Rowena to ask her for help. Since when has working with the enemy ever helped them?

Meanwhile, Castiel and Metatron are on the road to find Castiel’s grace. All Cas wants to do is kill the Scribe, who is still human. While walking around a library to find it, Metatron brings up the question of Castiel’s purpose. It has been clear to Supernatural fans that he has had no purpose for a while, but the lack of grace has made it difficult to do anything. It is just a stalling technique, though, as Metatron uses his own blood—from the gunshot wound last week—to kill Castiel.

Metatron gets his hands on the Demon Tablet again, but Castiel gets his grace back. Supernatural has the angel back, so at least one person is cured. The way to get his grace was different to how many fans expected. Considering Claire had been brought back into the season a few episodes ago, many fans expected her to have a few remnants of grace for Castiel to take.

Supernatural returns next week and it is now the countdown to the season finale. Another fan favorite will make a return next week -Benny – as Dean finds himself back in purgatory. For now, Book of the Damned has at least cured one of the characters and there is hope for another on Supernatural.

Opinion by Alexandria Ingham




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