Tamar Braxton and Vince Herbert Sued for Non-Payment

TamarMoney problems seem to ring true again for Tamar Braxton and Vincent Herbert. The Reality TV couple have been hit with a lawsuit from their former nanny for lack of payment. According to the nanny, she is owed over $161,000. This is not the first time this musical team has found themselves in the media regarding money.

The former nanny was hired by Tamar to work during the Love & War tour at $37.50 an hour. At the time she interviewed for the job, she had no idea the tour was set to begin three days later. She alleged the couple refused to draft up a contract or pay her on the books and has retained an attorney to help her receive the unpaid wages.

Ironically, or maybe not, the nanny is not the only “employee” to complain about Tamar and Vince avoiding a solid contract. Not long ago Tamar’s stylist alleged he had not been paid consistently and requested a contract; the singer refused, got angry and blasted the stylist on Instagram. She posted:

I hate when people try to act GRAND now that they feel like they made it. When we met you had one client!!!! Now you have contracts and a manager…. But you have five clients – four clients because I am sleep.

Needless to say the All the Way Home singer fired the stylist via social media as opposed to handling business matters in a professional manner. Reportedly, several of Tamar’s band members have claimed non-payment as well. It has been stated several times that studios in Los Angeles refuse to book her without being paid up front because the couple owes money for unpaid studio time.

Many have heard the saying, “Where there is smoke, there is fire” and many claims have risen to support the financial issues Tamar and Vince continuously refute. Rapper Young Berg claimed he worked on Braxton’s single The One and everyone received compensation, except him. Also, the Hot Sugar singer’s sister blasted Vince on Twitter about a $3 million tax debt he supposedly owes.

Funky Dineva posted court documents which showed the attorney requested personnel and payroll records, but within 21 days of the request the employer had yet to produce them. People connected to both parties have spoken out in support of their party’s claim. One person named Debbie Hammond said:

I know Vincent Herbert, if he owed the nanny more money, he would gladly pay it. This is bogus. Another person, just trying to capitalize on someone’s good fortune. Vince, Tamar & Logan are better off without this person in their lives.

On the flip side, Karee responded to Hammond and said:

I know the nanny and she is not lying.

Tamar’s fans, known as Tamartians, are standing by their idol, while others feel the singer needs to stop acting grand and learn to be humble. Reports continue to surface amid previous rumors that Vince and Tamar were in danger of losing their California mansion; this time, however, legal documents have surfaced to prove the rumblings are more than rumors.

by Cherese Jackson (Virginia)


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