Ted Cruz Talks Safety

CruzTed Cruz’s bid to become the next president of the United States is focused mainly on improving the safety of Americans. Cruz, who is running for the 2016 Republican presidential nomination, has accused the first African-American president, Barack Obama, of adding to racial tensions that are already at disturbingly high levels across the country. Many news reports have stated that Cruz believed Obama was at fault for the riots in Baltimore. Not only is curbing racism at the forefront of the Republican candidate’s mind, but he has been a passionate advocate in securing America’s borders and to help curb terrorism acts in America, and on American citizens.

Racism and race relations have been named the number one priority in America at this time. These concerns are in fact at a 20-plus year high, according to a Gallup poll, which was conducted after the fatal shooting of Michael Brown in Ferguson, Missouri last year. Add to this the increasing terror threat, and the result is Americans feeling unsafe in their own neighborhoods and cities. Cruz has been quoted as saying that no American should fear for their own safety and it is the government’s job to ensure the safety of its residents. “Our government must perform its central functions and purposes: to preserve the peace, protect the people, and serve justice,” he said on his U.S. Senator for Texas’s website. To do this in relation to racial tensions, he believed a reform of the criminal justice system would make a big difference.

As Solicitor General for the State of Texas, Cruz has authored numerous legislation pieces in an effort to improve the safety of American residents. These included the tripling of America’s Border Patrol size and the offering of awards as an incentive to get critical information that led to the arrests of known terrorists, who had killed a number of American teenagers. He strongly fought against a deal between the United States and Iran that would have allowed nuclear weapons to be pursued by Iran. Legislation passed, which resulted in the prevention of known terrorists entering America, and the Expatriate Terrorist Act, which aims to stop American citizens who join ISIS returning to their country to commit terrorism acts, had Cruz’s name all over them.

Cruz’s passionate stance on safety can be linked back to his own childhood and family. He has seen first-hand the pursuit of living without fear and the result this has on the quality of life of those involved. American citizens feeling unsafe would undoubtedly touch a nerve for the presidential candidate as his father, Rafael, fled a life of torture and imprisonment in Cuba in 1957 for freedom in the United States. A childhood memory of Cruz’s is hearing his father repeatedly say that he was lucky enough to flee oppression in Cuba, but had no knowledge of where to go if America lost its freedom. With the recent racial riots and the ongoing threat of terrorism, it is in fact the freedom of Americans that is at stake today, and according to Cruz, one of the main platforms that voters will look at when deciding who will lead them after the next presidential election.

Opinion by Rebecca Brown


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