The Vampire Diaries: Because [Recap/Review]

The Vampire Diaries

Because made it very clear that The Vampire Diaries is gearing up for Nina Dobrev leaving. Some of the conversations throughout the episode made her and other doubt her future as a vampire and even her time in Mystic Falls. One good thing about knowing a character is leaving is that fans get the chance to say goodbye.

To start, everyone is still trying to get Caroline to switch her humanity back on. Stefan did at the end of last week’s The Vampire Diaries, but Caroline does not know yet. That means he can infiltrate her without ever knowing that he feels again. It is a three part plan that he explains to Elena and Damon. He needs to convince her he is still humanity-free, drain her of her blood and torture her to get her to make the switch. It all seems so simple, but nothing ever is on The Vampire Diaries. While Caroline may be weakened, she is still manipulative and vindictive.

Meanwhile, Bonnie finds out that Lily has the ascendant and yells at Damon before deciding she needs it back. Lily will come to Bonnie at some point anyway to get her friends back from the 1903 prison world. Matt is trying to stall Lily at The Grill, but Enzo wants a reunion. He wants to find out why she abandoned him after turning him, but it turns out that it was the night the Gemini Coven kidnapped her.

Elena is currently standing guard over Caroline and Stefan, reeling over the fact that the two slept together. She decides that the letter from Liz to Caroline might help, but Caroline decides to burn it instead. When Damon turns up, she decides that she is useless at torture. However, it all seems to be a bit of a game on this week’s The Vampire Diaries, Because.

Damon and Elena discuss where Elena would be in five years if they were human. Damon would own a bar in Tribeca, and the two of them would be living there. She would be a resident in a surgical program and they would already have two children together. It all seems so perfect, even if unrealistic, but it looks like Caroline is falling for it all.

Caroline decides to make out with Stefan, until her captors say hello. Damon does just that with police reports and a way into Caroline’s heart. Just how would Liz feel after her daughter has become a murderer? Of course, the manipulative claws are out, and Caroline pokes holes at the Delena relationship. Elena will always settle because she is now a vampire. Elena finally admits that while she will never be completely okay with being a vampire, as one she gets to be with Damon forever, even if her human self chose Stefan.

It all comes full circle when Bonnie steals the ascendant on The Vampire Diaries. Lily threatens to destroy the cure, and Elena finally finds out about it. Damon turns to Bonnie to get the ascendant back, but Bonnie calls him out on it. Of course, in a not so shocking twist on The Vampire Diaries, Damon does not want Elena as human. Lily pretends to burn the cure, really to create a rift between Damon and Elena.

Caroline slowly realizes that everything has been for show. Stefan has his humanity back on, and she stabs him for it. However, he gives her his last memory of her mom, and she pulls the stake out as he starts to dessicate. Her humanity is switched back on, but the rush of emotions causes her to leave Stefan behind and run away.

Lily ends by getting out of the house and becoming a ripper again. She turns to Enzo when she decides she needs help, while Damon and Elena deal with the aftermath of the cure. Elena says that she will never take it because it means she does not get to be with Damon, so he offers to take it, too. Because is certainly getting to Elena’s goodbye on The Vampire Diaries, but will she do it as a human or a vampire?

Opinion by Alexandria Ingham




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