‘The Voice’ Coach Adam Levine May Soon Lose Last of Team

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As The Voice airs again tonight on NBC, internet polls and social media posts are weighing in on who they think may get eliminated. As Coach Adam Levine of The Voice only has one team member left, Joshua Davis, he may soon lose the last of his team in elimination. Though Davis was saved last week in a final effort “instant save” via Twitter, this week he may not be as lucky. With only eight contestants left, Davis could see elimination. Then again, it could be two completely different contestants who go home, but in the online polls, taken by unknown numbers of viewers, voters supposedly have Joshua Davis as the one voted most likely to be eliminated.

As The Voice airs tonight, viewers will see a number of exciting things. First, last week’s announcement that the previous judges/coaches will be appearing on tonight’s episode, created much excitement for fans. Cee Lo Green, Usher, and Gwen Stefani, will be making an appearance on the episode, to help coach the remaining eight contestants. Fans have been eagerly awaiting this appearance since the announcement, as this new episode will bring together the collaboration of the four current judges, Adam Levine, Christina Aguilera, Blake Shelton, and Pharrell Williams, and the previously mentioned three past judges. In addition, NBC has also announced that Lee Brice will be performing his hit, Drinking Class, during Tuesday night’s episode of The Voice.

This week, Davis will be getting help from Usher on tonight’s episode, as the latter is set to help coach Adam Levine’s team. If the two celebrities, Levine and Usher, are not able to lead Davis to success, Adam may be losing the last of his team soon, leaving him without a member to coach on the remaining episodes of The Voice. The polls show that Davis is voted the one most likely to go, with the Gold Derby poll (a site known for its polls on ‘showbiz awards and reality TV shows) showing a nine to five odds. As fans claim that they know Christina’s team, India Carney and Kimberly Nichole, will be safe, that only leaves a choice of five other contestants besides Davis.

Though the vote could go any way, depending on tonight’s performances, it is unlikely that Davis will get another “instant save” if he is in the bottom of the vote again this week. Last week he joined Levine’s Deanna Johnson, and Christina’s Rob Taylor in the bottom three. In the end, it was Johnson and Taylor who left the show. As everyone will get a chance to perform their best in order to keep their spot on The Voice, Davis will have just as much of a chance at staying on the show this week, as everyone else. But being in the bottom before, does make it harder for Davis to prove that he should stay on, over the other strong contestants.

With less than a few weeks left of The Voice, viewers can still interact with the show to make sure their favorite singer is given the best chance. With the “instant save” option, viewers can vote to keep one of the three remaining contestants on, after tomorrow’s episode. Viewers can also still request a song, make votes online, and even post their comments during the show. Though viewers can do all of this online, The Voice app can also be a convenient tool for helping viewers get their vote in.

Tonight’s episode and the votes that viewers turn in will determine if Davis stays or goes. If he does not get to remain on the show, coach Adam Levine will lose the last of his team, which may soon leave him with no members left on The Voice. As Christina’s team is going strong, with Williams’ team and Shelton’s team not far behind, it is still up in the air which contestants will stay and which will go. Though viewers will not get to see who is eliminated until Tuesday night’s episode, each viewer can vote for their favorite after tonight. In a show that focuses only on the voice of the contestants who compete, only one can get the title of winner on The Voice. Tune in tonight for performances by the final eight.

By Crystal Boulware


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